Dame Diana Rigg who Starred in Drishane Feature Film Dies at 82

Dame Diana Rigg – Star of the famous television series “The Avengers” and who was principal actor in the 1970s feature film “In This House of Brede” made at Drishane Convent and Estate has died at the age of 82.   We thank Jerry Doody and also Joe Fitzgerald for bringing this to our attention.  Here we share some of the images relating to that very special era at Drishane when quite a number of local ladies became “nuns” for a brief period and people such as the late Dan Lehane also appeared in the production.   One may view the feature film “In this House of Brede” on this link.   Tap on the images to enlarge.   God rest Dame Diana Rigg who made many Friends in Millstreet in the 1970s.  R.I.P..   (S.R.)

7 thoughts on “Dame Diana Rigg who Starred in Drishane Feature Film Dies at 82”

    1. Frankie….Many thanks for sharing such a wonderful memory. Rosie was brilliant in her role as “Nun” in the very famous film….And sincere thanks to Marian Hughes (née Hickey) for her great memory of her role in the film also and how friendly and wonderfully approachable Dame Diana Rigg was to all the Cast. Geraldine Dunne has shared a brilliant memory of her role in the film. We shall include her superb comment on next Tuesday’s “Radio Treasures” on http://www.corkmusicstation.com

      1. My daughter Geraldine was an extra in that film.She was scarcely 18 at the time. What an exciting event in her young life, exciting for all of us.

  1. Dame Diana Rigg a great actress R I P. Those photographs of Drishane bring back happy memories of my years in drishane. I worked their as a chef from 1980 to 1991. Happy days. Slainte.

  2. Brilliant to watch Drishane in all its glory. What a fabulous place! Apart from the ladies already mentioned, were there many more locals involved. Such a shame they were not mentioned in the credits. May Diana Rigg rest in peace.

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