A very old picture from 1960s

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A very old picture from 1960s…my uncle is far right Garry Murphy Prohous…and far left is Ger Cronin Killoween. ..Could the public identify the others? …Paddy Sullivan.  (Two further people whom I can identify are Mrs. Kelleher who owned the Public Bar near Reen’s Pharmacy in Main Street, Millstreet – a true lady and at the centre is the very well known John “Sing” O’Sullivan  …. Many thanks, Paddy, for sharing such an interesting image on our website …. And we thank Frank Reen and Bernie O’Rahilly (née Murphy) for just now sharing in our Comments Forum their truly comprehensive captions to the superb photograph….Seán Radley.)

3 thoughts on “A very old picture from 1960s”

  1. The 3 people in centre of photo are Jenny Kelleher (the Baby), “John Sing”O’Sullivan and Neily Murphy, Hospital Grounds. The photo was taken at the rear of Kelleher’s Bar, Main Street which is now incorporated into Reens Pharmacy.

  2. Thats great memories..to have all the Names of the other people…i Remember both “sing” @ Neily joe Murphy i was very young 10 or 12..”Sing” was ” àn rì “of Millstreet. …

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