“Where the Road Takes Me” on C103 This Sunday at 7pm

We thank Presenter John Greene for advance information regarding his Sunday (14th June 2020) Radio Programme.  (S.R.)

It’s a Where the Road Takes Me ‘Special’ this week, as John Greene brings you the story of a Lockdown with a difference.

In a working-class district of West London, a mother calls her son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome’, downstairs for dinner.

Both she and her husband are unaware that their youngest has amassed 73 million dollars while trading in the financial markets on his home computer in his bedroom.

Neither are they aware that their son will become the focus of a global manhunt for allegedly causing the most mysterious financial crash in history.

Multi agencies, including the FBI will seek his extradition to the US where he faces a total of 378 years jail term.  

This is a ‘David and Goliath’ story at it’s very best.  But why is a home lockdown involved and still is, as we speak. 

Bloomberg’s and Bloomberg Business Week’s investigative journalist Liam Vaughan joins John Greene on ‘Where the road takes me’ – this Sunday evening at 7 on C103

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