Correspondence Regarding Proposed Wind Farm

The following email was received today  (29th May 2020)requesting that we share it on the Millstreet Website:

Dear Friends and Residents,

As you may know, Brookfield Renewables and Coillte are in discussions with An Bord Pleanala to develop a large wind farm [up to 24 turbines, a 110kv sub-station on site and associated connection to the national grid] in the Ballinagree/Mushera area. At present they have lodged a Pre-application Consultation with An Bord Pleanala as they wish to have the project designated as a Strategic Infrastructural Development which would mean that future planning applications would go to An Bord Pleanala and not Cork County Council.  As local residents, we have a number of concerns regarding the proposals, and are sending this letter out to encourage other concerned residents to become aware of what is going on. At the pre-application consultation stage An Bord Pleanala will NOT accept submissions from concerned citizens.  We must wait until the planning application proper has been lodged [whether that will be to An Bord Pleanala or Cork County Council remains to be seen]. This is expected to be done in December 2020.  In the meantime we would encourage you to contact your public representatives [some contact details below] and make them aware of your concerns.

Our main issues with the development are as follows:

Devaluation of land and property – On average, properties in proximity to wind farms lose considerable value and often become unsaleable. On top of this, the noise and flicker pollution often make them uninhabitable. Many families across Ireland have had to leave their homes due to wind farm developments. 

Pollution and health concerns – Windfarms notoriously create incessant sound disturbances including infrasound, and turning of the blades against the sunlight can cause a constant ‘flicker’ effect. These effects have proved to be especially problematic for people suffering sound sensitivity, epilepsy, autism and many other health conditions.

Lack of community consultation – Brookfield continually emphasise that they are working with the community. This is completely untrue. Brookfield & Coillte have conducted their business thus far under a cloak of secrecy & lies with a view to excluding the local community from any information with regard to the project. By their own brochure they began general ecological studies in The Summer of 2017 yet it was two years later before the local community were aware of the extent of what was going on. At that stage the “local landowner discussions” were concluded. This was a clear attempt to present the community with a “fait accompli” with no consultation whatsoever. Those that did approach either Brookfield or Coillte were given varying versions of what was happening and how many turbines would be involved. Such was the lack of information available that the Aubane Social Club organised a public meeting for Tuesday March 31st. 2020 at which they requested representatives of both Coillte & Brookfield to attend. This meeting did not occur due to the national lockdown which came into place at midnight on Friday March 27th. I have spoken to a considerable number of my neighbours and none of them [not even one] have been approached by the developers to give them any information about this project. The two people I spoke to who had approached the developers were sceptical of the evasive answers they received.

Loss of / interference with mobile phone and TV reception – this speaks for itself. 

Destruction of our beautiful mountains – Mushera and the surrounding areas are well used by walkers, cyclists, bird watchers, wildlife enthusiasts and many more, due to its unique beauty. With the windfarm proposal, this wild and beautiful space, as well as its archaeology, wildlife and holy wells, will be lost – replaced by an industrial landscape. 

Loss of wildlife – Mushera is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including hen harriers, grouse, sky lark and red squirrels, which are endangered species in Ireland. If we allow the development of the wind farm, their habitat will be gone and these animals will be lost. 

Loss of a rich archaeological landscape – Mushera has the richest concentration of prehistoric monuments in Northern Europe, from Carrigulla to Knocknakilla, many wedge tombs, standing stones, stone rows etc. This rich sacred landscape will be destroyed under the proposals. 

While we understand that clean energy is an essential part of Ireland’s fight against climate change, we believe that wind farm development must be done in suitable areas, sensitive to local communities and natural heritage. In our opinion, the Mushera windfarm development is not being conducted in this spirit. 

This is a really key moment for residents to voice any concerns they might have for the proposed development. We would ask that anyone wishing to preserve and protect the peace, beauty and stability of our communities lend their support by getting in touch with your public representative and later with the Planning Authority when a full planning application has been submitted.

Contact your TD and Councillors!

Michael Creed, Office: 95 Railway View, Macroom, Co. Cork.        026 41835


Aindrias Moynihan.    026 23346       021 482 6644  aindriasmoynihanccc

Michael Moynihan      Office:             Percival St., Kanturk, Co. Cork.         029 51299


Bernard Moynihan, Dromcarra, Kiskeam, Mallow, Co. Cork.           087 772 2828


John Paul O Shea, Laharn, Lombardstown, Mallow, Co. Cork.

                                                            086 8903 154  osheajp

Gerard Murphy, 7 New St. Newmarket, Co. Cork.

                                                            086 8530 836  gmurphycork

Ian Doyle:       087 664 4654              doylecharleville


T.D.s with a special interest:

Christopher O Sullivan, 14 Ashe St., Clonakilty Co. Cork.

                                                            087 716 1730              christopher.osullivan

Holly Cairns [TD Cork South West]               holly.cairns

Ciaran McCarthy {Social Democrats}           ciaran.mccarthy

Colette Finn [Green Party]     087 6752 697  colette.finn

Alan O Connor [Green Party] 087 1332 696 alan.oconnor

Ross O Connell [Social Democrats]   085 7527 520              ross.oconnell 

For more information please visit “” 

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4 thoughts on “Correspondence Regarding Proposed Wind Farm”

  1. Thank you for sharing this articulate correspondence. Mushera mountain and its surrounding area have been a place of worship for generations and in recent months it has become a place solace. I hope that we can now come together to save it.

  2. Hi there,
    Can you confirm if the windmills are actually on musheramore mountain on near it ????

  3. Ye need a mass protest to stop this that’s beyond disgraceful mushramore should not be touched

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