Millstreet Railway Station – Upgrade Works in 1993

Millstreet Railway Station was heavily upgraded in 1993 for the Eurovision Song Contest seeing the lengthened of the main (down) platform, the removal of the island platform, and the decommissioning of the loop track. Below are some photos of that time:


The above photos are from this montage in the Waiting Room of Millstreet Railway Station! (photos by Seán Radley)

[from Celebrating Today the 27th Anniversary of 1993 Eurovision(S.R.)]

Above: Before the upgrade works (Seán Radley)
Below: Two photos taken after the upgrade works, and ready for Eurovision (Joseph Lawton)

Irish Rail 073 in Millstreet.



Two TV documentaries about Millstreet Eurovision 1993 included clips from the works being done on the Station: Memories of Millstreet (21:19-22:04), and  Why not Millstreet 1993 (4:10-4:20). Below are some stills from those videos:


 Works in progress on the platform [from Memories of Millstreet at 21:27]

Building the new Railway platform [from “Why not Millstreet 1993” 4:13]

 Works in progress on the platform [Memories of Millstreet at 21:58]

Laying Fibre Optic Cables [Memories of Millstreet at 22:21]

Mick Mullane welcoming guests [Memories of Millstreet at -21:51]

Opening the old railway gates for an incoming train [Memories of Millstreet at 21:28]

Ongoing works at the Station in 1993 [“Why not Millstreet 1993” 4:17]


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