Lest We Forget (19) – March 22nd-27th 1920

The Following are the Acts of Aggression Committed in Ireland by the armed forces of the usurping English Government — as reported in the Daily Press — for the week ending MARCH 27th, 1920.

The Sentences passed for political offences during the above six days totalled 6 years, 8 months, and 2 weeks.

MONDAY, MARCH 22nd, 1920

RAIDS:- In the course of a military “drive” through West Kerry, police and military raided upward of twenty houses. An extensive police and military raid was carried out on the premises of Mr. James O’Meara, Connaught Street, Athlone, Co. Westmeath. The flooring of the bedrooms was taken up and considerable damage done to the interior fittings of the house. Police and military raided the houses of the following persons in Monaghan:- Prof. O’Duffy; Messrs. C.A. Emerson; G. McEneany; J.E. McCabe; J. McDonald; P.J. McCann; and D. Horgan.
Four private houses were raided in South Kilkenny by military and police. Police and military raided a house at Wood Quay, Galway, and searched the rooms of a Catholic Priest who [was] staying in the house. 

ARRESTS:- Mr. Alex McCabe, Member of Parliament for South Sligo, was arrested on leaving Sligo Gaol (where he had just completed a term of imprisonment for an offence under the Defence of the Realm Act) and charged with “unlawful assembly”. He was further charged with collecting subscriptions for the Irish National Fund. Mr. McCabe was remanded for trial. The following Kerry Republicans were arrested by military and police:- Messrs. D. Healy, Member of the Tralee Urban Council, J. Melinn and Wm. Mullins (Tralee); Mortimer O’Connor (O’Dorney), James Slattery and W. Dee (Balyduff) and P. Collins of Ballylongford. No charge was made against them. Mr. James Connolly, Cathedral Road, Armagh, was arrested by police and military, who made no charge against him. Eight young men whose names have not transpired were arrested in Armagh and Monaghan by an armed force of police and military. No charge was brought against them. Four young men, who names are not disclosed, were arrested at their homes in Thomastown, South Kilkenny, by military and policy who made no charge against them. Mr. Thomas Meagher, Liberty Square, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, was arrested by armed police on an unknown charge. Mr. P. Whelan, Member of the Dungarvan (Waterford) Urban Council, was arrested by police on the streets of Dungarvan. Mr. Whelan recently headed the Municipal Election Poll as Sinn Fein candidate.
Police and military arrested on an unknown charge, Mr. James Duggan, a farmer residing at Carnahalla, Co. Limerick. Mr. James O’Meara, Victualler, Athlone, C. Westmeath, was arrested by police and military and conveyed to the Athlone military barracks. No charge was made against him. Twenty-five persons were arrested on the streets of Dublin on a charge of being “abroad” between the hours of 12 midnight and 5 a.m. without the permission of the British Military Authorities.

COURTS-MARTIAL:- At Cork Messrs. Jas. Coughlan, 74 Evergreen Road, Charles Daly, 8 Glenview Terrace, D. Owens, Rocklawn, Douglas Road, and Paul J. Vignoles, 127 Evergreen Street were tried by Courtmartial for offences under the Defence of the Realm Act. Sentences will be promulgated in due course.
The same Court tried Mr. Whelan, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, on a charge of endangering the lives of policemen on January 17th, by throwing stones at them. Mr. Whelan denied that he threw any stones and evidence proved that none of the policemen had been hit. Dr. Patrick Byrne, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, was also tried by this Courtmartial on a charge of having ammunition in his possession. Sentences to be promulgated in due course.

ARMED ASSAULT:- The Press Association states that an engine-driver named Howe, returning from duty of 11-30 p.m. was set upon by policemen in uniform when passing Thurles police barracks. He was tripped up from behind, knocked down and repeatedly kicked upon the head and body. All his teeth were broken. He was also wounded with what
seemed to be a bayonet. His pockets were gone through and all his money stolen.

DEPORTATIONS:- Messrs. D. Healy, Urban Councillor, J. Melinn, Wm. Mullins, Mortimer O’Connor, J. Slattery, W. Dee and P. Collins — all prominent Kerry Republicans who were arrested without charge — were conveyed by military to Fenit Harbour, Co. Kerry, and put aboard a British Naval destroyer for an unknown destination. Mr. J. Lardner, Athenry, Co. Galway, and Mr. Martin Finnery, Gurteen, do. have been deported to England.

TUESDAY, MARCH 23rd, 1920.

RAIDS:- Police and military raided and searched the home of Mrs. MacDonagh, Corrib Terrace, Galway, where Miss Burke, Secretary of the local branch of Cumann an mBan, lodges. A large force of military and police accompanied by an armoured car and preceded by a military brass band playing music, marched to the Larkfield Saw Mills and Joinery Works, Kimmage Road, Dublin, where they spent 1 1/2 hours in raiding and searching the premises. All correspondence was gone through and the contents of boxes and cases turned out. The Woollen Mills and private residence of Mr. Cleary in the same district were also raided and searched. A large force of police and military raided upwards of 100 houses in the Hugginstown district of Co. Kilkenny. At Clones, armed police raided and searched the houses of Mr. H. Dlowey, County Councillor for Monaghan, and Chairman of the Clones Urban Council, Mr. John McKeanay and Mr. Owen Conlon, Town Rate Collector. The house of Mr. W.J. Kelly, Charlemont Street, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, was raided by armed police. Police and military raided nine private houses at Casserlough, Co. Cavan. The premises of Mr. E.J. Ramsbottom, Maryboro’, Queens County, were raided and searched by armed police and military, who sought his son, Mr. P.J. Ramsbottom, who was not at home. A large force of armed military, accompanied by detectives, seized Broadstone Station, the Dublin Terminus of the Midland Great Western Railway. When the Galway train arrived the military lined the platform and help up all passengers. No one was allowed to leave the Station. A search of the train was then made and all luggage and other freight including milk vans and rabbit hutches, were opened and examined. Finally the military seized the personal luggage of twelve young Catholic Priests who were on their way to take up Missionary work in China and drove off with it in a lorry to Dublin Castle The boxes contained clothes, sacred vessels and religious emblems which the priests were conveying to the Catholic Mission Headquarters in China. During this raid two nuns, who were on their way to a Dublin hospital, were held up by the military who searched their bags, turning out their contents on the Station platform.

ARRESTS:- Three persons were arrested on the streets of Dublin on a charge of being “abroad” between the hours of 12 midnight and 5 a.m. without the permission of the British Military Authorities. The names of the four young men who were arrested at Thomastown, South Kilkenny, as mentioned in these lists on 22nd inst., are as follows:- Messrs. Denis Gorman, Edward Halloran, James Walsh and Wm. O’Farrell. No charge has been brought against them. Messrs. Patrick Meagher and John Whelehan were arrested at Toomevara, Co. Limerick [sic]. They were not charged with any offence. Nine young men whose names have not transpired were arrested at their homes in Casserlough, Co. Cavan. The charge against them is not known.

ARMED ASSAULT:- Following on the attempted murder of Ald. Professor Stockley of Cork, reported in these lists under date Mach 19th, 1920, a second attempt was made on his life on the night of the 22nd inst. While entering the gate of his home he was challenged by two military sentries. Having answered their challenge and established his identity to their apparent satisfaction — for they permitted him to pass — he was followed by one of the sentries who lunged at him with his bayonet. Professor Stockley’s life was saved by a priest who was accompanying him and who rushed up to the soldier and intercepted the bayonet thrust.

MURDER:- A mob of British soldiers, numbering about 300 invaded the streets of Dublin for two hours, wrecking houses, assaulting civilians and finally firing upon and killing two innocent civilians and wounding many others. The military, who had been demonstrating in a Dublin theatre, formed up into military order when they came out and marched along the streets shouting, jostling and knocking down and insulting in every possible way innocent passers-by. They were followed by a small crowd, composed chiefly of the ordinary city pedestrian traffic and people returning from theatres, which did not interfere with them in any way. In Richmond street they took off their belts and belaboured the crowd, many innocent persons receiving scalp wounds and bruises. Continuing, the soldiers broke the windows of private houses and shops. As their military fervour increased their behaviour became more dangerous until finally at Portobello Bridge, they turned and opened fire on the people. Several were seen to fall, while many woman and children were injured in the stampede that ensured. It was then ascertained that two civilians, a girl and a man had been shot dead and great numbers severely wounded. The soldiers were reinforced by fully-equipped military from the adjacent barracks. Splitting up into parties they roamed through the city streets indiscriminately firing volleys of shots, breaking the windows of houses and of passing vehicles and holding up tramcars and searching the occupants. Their forces were augmented by an armoured car which drove up and down the streets, firing rounds as it passed.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24th, 1920.

RAIDS:- Police raided seven private homes in Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan. At Belturbet the houses of Messrs. W. Byrne, T. McGuinness, J. Heslin, P. O’Rourke, B. McVenne and T. Reilly were raided by military and police. The male occupants were arrested. At Dublin a party of military raided business premises in Upper Abbey Street and Capel Street.

ARRESTS:- Messrs. J. Reilly, P. McEvoy, P. Brady, P. McCahill, J. Downes, M. Kiernan and J. McEvoy were arrested at Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan. Police and military arrested Messrs. D. Manning and M. O’Neill, Kilbrittain, Co. Cork. They attempted to escape, but were immediately fired on. No charge was made against them when arrested. Mr. James McGuill, Member of the Dundalk Urban Council, was arrested at his home by police and military. There was no charge preferred against him. At Belturbet, Co. Cavan, Messrs. W. Byrne, T. McGuinness, J. Heslin, P. O’Rourke, B. McVenna and T. Reilly were arrested by police and military. No charge was made against them. Police and military at Listowel, Co. Kerry, arrested Mr. P. Collins, Ballylongford and two Ballyduff men whose names have not transpired. Two persons were arrested on the streets of Dublin on a charge of
being “abroad” between the hours of 12 midnight and 5 a.m.

THURSDAY, MARCH 25th, 1920.

RAIDS:- At Ennis, Co. Clare, armed police and military raided the residence of Mr. F. Barrett and arrested him. Military searched the bedroom of a priest at Corrib Lodge, Galway, searching everything in it.
Armed police raided ten houses at Middletown, Co. Armagh.

ARRESTS:- Three persons were arrested on the streets of Dublin on a charge of being “abroad” between the hours of 12 midnight and 5 a.m. without the permission of the British Military Authorities. Mr. F. Barrett, Master of the Ennis Union was arrested by police and military. No charge has been brought against him.
Mr. James Corbett farmer’s son, Labasheeda, Co. Clare, has been arrested and removed to Limerick Jail. No charge has been brought against him.

SENTENCES:- Mr. Jos. McMurray, Derry, recently tried by Courtmartial in that city for having possession of arms and ammunition, was sentenced to 24 days imprisonment. Mr. Caldwell Hyndmann similarly tried was for the same offence sentenced to 48 days imprisonment. Messrs. Hugh Holohan, T. Reilly, M. Cleeson, and Aidan Redmond were tried at the Southern Police Court, Dublin on a charge of having in their possession arms and ammunition. It transpired during the hearing of the case that the four men lived in a house in which, when the military and police raided it, two revolvers were found and some ammunition. The prisoners protested that the articles did not belong to them and the y had no knowledge of their being in the house. They were nevertheless sentenced to three months imprisonment each, although they had already served five weeks awaiting trial.

MURDER:- At the adjourned Inquest at Cork in the circumstances of the murder of Ald. MacCurtain, the proceedings of which appear in the daily press of this date, Mr. J.P. Donnellan swore that at the hour of the murder he was held up by tall men armed with rifles who were surrounding the Lord Mayors residence. He saw about twenty-two men there. He saw them go away after the murder had been committed. They marched in military fashion. Mr. J. Walsh, brother of the Lady Mayoress, stated that he was in the house of the Lord Mayor at the time of the murder. The men who entered were tall men with all the marks of policemen. When he shouted for assistance he was shot at by the murderer’s accomplices who were all round the house. He produced a policeman’s button that had been found immediately outside the door on the morning of the murder. Mr. J. Mahony stated he was held by tall men in the vicinity of the Lord Mayor’s residence at the hour of the murder. The men carried rifles with straps on them as are carried by the police. He was beaten to the ground by the men when he threatened to call for help.

TREATMENT OF PRISONERS:- Dublin Castle Authorities have officially informed the relatives and Labour Colleagues of Ald. Wm. O’Brien, that he is lying seriously ill in Wormwood Scrubbs Prison to which he had been deported without charge or trial. Mr. Gerald Crofts arrested last week in Dublin is stated to be seriously ill in Mountjoy Prison, Dublin, in which he was imprisoned without charge or trial.

FRIDAY, MARCH 26th, 1920.

RAIDS:- In the Gortalea district of Co. Kerry, and in many other parts in the same County, armed military and police raided over three hundred houses. Military and police raided a private residence in Cuffe Street, Dublin. The residence of Alderman W. Cosgrave, M.P. was raided by armed Military and police. At Derry armed police raided the residence of Mr. McDaid, Windsor Terrace. At Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, the residence of Miss Montgomery, Ballybofey House, was raided by armed police. At Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, the residences of Messrs. P. Clory, P. Cooney, Urban District Councillor, and — Cox, were raided by military and police.

ARRESTS:- Ald. Wm. Cosgrave, Member of Parliament for North Kilkenny and recently elected Alderman of the Dublin Corporation, was arrested at his residence in the early morning. No charge was brought against him. A police motor lorry stopped Mr. Thomas Garvey near Ballyboy, Thurles. They took off his boots and stockings and searched him. The tyres of his bicycle were taken off and the tubes inspected.

SABOTAGE & LOOTING:- Dr. Kathleen Lynn, 9 Belgrave Road, Rathmines, Dublin, writes to the Irish Daily Press of March 26th, 1920, complaining of the conduct of the military raiding party who forcibly entered her house at 1-30 a.m. on the night of February 27th. The military rushed upstairs with their bayonets at the charge and turned everything upside down, using their bayonets in many cases. After they had left she missed the following articles:- a hypodermic record syringe; a hand-embroidered collar, a hot water bottle, 4 lbs. of chocolates and a large quantity of cigarettes.

SATURDAY, MARCH 27th, 1920.

RAIDS:- One of the most extensive raids ever carried out in Dublin city and suburbs took place in Dublin yesterday, when military and police raided upwards of 100 houses. Tanks, armed motor-cars and military wagons were employed, and the military movements kept the city in an uproar all night. Among the houses raided were those of the following Irish Members of Parliament:- Mr. R. Mulcahy (Clontarf, Dublin); Mr. F. Fahy (South Galway); Mr. P. Shanahan (Harbour, Dublin); and Mr. L. Ginnell (Westmeath). Police raided the premises of Mr. C. Meehan, Mohill, Co Leitrim and made an exhaustive search. Police and military raided eight private houses in Monaghan during the early hours of the morning.
The following Dublin men were arrested at their residences in the wholesale raids mentioned above:- Sean Byrne, T.C.; B. O’Connor, U.D.C.; Peter McGrath; James McGrath; Richard Davis; Geo. Leopold; James Kavanagh; John Fitzgerald; Wm. Craig; Ml. Meagher; Andrew Hughes; Hugh Doherty; Ml. J. O’Connor; John Barry; Wm. Cullen; Gerald M. Cullen; Philip O’Gorman; Joseph Larkin; Denis Moagher; John Byrne; James Cooke; David Tobin; William Tobin; — Burke; — Burke; C. Farnan (Visitor in house at Brendan Road). The following were arrested by police and military at Hugginstown, Co. Kilkenny:- Messrs. John O’Halloran, Michael Phelan, Nicholas Carroll, Walter Barron, and Daniel Kelly. Four persons were arrested on the streets of Dublin on a charge of being “abroad” between the hours of 12 midnight and 5 a.m. without the permission of the British Military Authorities. Mr. Oliver Mason, Whitefield, Killarney, Co. Kerry, was arrested by police. No charge was made against him. Mr. John Treanor, Emyvale, Co. Monaghan, was arrested by armed police at 5 a.m. and conveyed to Dundalk Jail. No charge was preferred against Mr. Treanor, who is aged sixty years and is in failing health. Five young men were arrested at the North Wall, Dublin, as they were about to embark for America, via Liverpool. An armoured car, fifty police and 2 motor lorries full of military assisted at the arrests.

SENTENCES:- Mr. Michael Ward, Boyle, Roscommon, was sentenced by Court-martial to one year’s imprisonment with hard labour, for having in his possession a rifle and ammunition.
Eight young men whose names did not transpire, were sentenced to six months imprisonment each for an offence under the Defence of the Realm Act.
Mr. Owen Jackson was sentenced at Cork to six months imprisonment on a charge of endeavouring the obtain arms.

COURTS-MARTIAL:- Mr. Thomas Duggan, Rosshill, Oranmore, was tried by Court-marital at Galway on a charge of having ammunition in his possession. Sentence will be promulgated in due course.

DEPORTATIONS:-  Mr. J. MacDonagh, M.P., whose arrest was mentioned in these lists on the 19th inst., has been deported to England under a heavy military escort.

TREATMENT OF PRISONERS:- Ald. Wm. O’Brien resorted to Hunger Strike as a protest against his arrest and internment in Wormwood Scrubbs Prison without charge or trial. He has now been on hunger strike for seven days and is in an extremely dangerous condition. Mr. Bonar Law informed the House of Commons that it was not the intention of the Government to grant his release.

MURDER:- The following is from the Press report of the fourth day’s proceedings at the Inquest into the murder of Mr. McCurtain, Lord Mayor of Cork:- “F.J. Corcoran, a fitter, said he overheard three policemen speaking in the street on February 23rd. He first caught the word ‘soldiers’ and then either ‘They are going to kill Curtin’ or ‘We are going to kill Curtin'”. “J. McCarthy, labourer, said that on the morning of the tragedy he was held up by two policemen with revolvers in the vicinity of the Lord Mayor’s house, and ordered to go round by St. Nicholas; Church. “P. Kelly, a postman, deposed that he found a button similar to the one produced (the button of a policeman’s uniform) outside the Lord Mayor’s house on the morning of the tragedy, and T. Buckley, foreman Shaw’s Mills, proved that he found 5 live cartridges in the vicinity of the Lord Mayor’s house on the same morning. The cartridges bore the English Government stamp of a broad arrow.”

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