Green Flash at Sunset over Mushera

A rare Green/Blue Flash is observed on the rim of the Sun, as it sets between Musherabeg and Musheramore on Monday evening April 13th 2020. The flash occurs only in specific conditions. It was captured by Denis Walsh with a zoom lens from near Cork Airport. (It is best seen on a large screen). 


Green Flash explained:
Green flashes are enhanced by mirages, which increase refraction. A green flash is more likely to be seen in stable, clear air, when more of the light from the setting sun reaches the observer without being scattered. One might expect to see a blue flash, since blue light is refracted most of all and the blue component of the sun’s light is therefore the very last to disappear below the horizon, but the blue is preferentially scattered out of the line of sight, and the remaining light ends up appearing green.
With slight magnification, a green rim on the top of the solar disk may be seen on most clear-day sunsets, although the flash or ray effects require a stronger layering of the atmosphere and a mirage, which serves to magnify the green from a fraction of a second to a couple of seconds. [wiki: Green Flash]


Denis’ gear:

[GMaps: taken from Leghenamore near Cork Airport]

This one is from April 15th, this time on Mullaghanish:



2 thoughts on “Green Flash at Sunset over Mushera”

  1. Thanks so much for that video clip. I never dreamed such a phenomenon occurred! Rare and wonderful!

  2. Thank you so much Denis for the most wonderful video. We would never see or imagine such happenings on our own patch only for the brilliance of photographers like yourself. Thank you for sharing.

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