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  1. Mariusz – Sincere congratulations on your truly magnificent collection of aerial views of Millstreet. You have truly captured a moment in time and in decades to come generations will view in total amazement what our town and area looked like during the era of Coronavirus COVID-19. Thank you for sharing such a superb insight through your brilliant colour aerial photography.

  2. This is a view that is unique and I enjoyed looking on the town and area from a new perspective. Well done….

  3. Love these pictures. I am an Aussie who also works as a photographer and find these images to be delightful. I can see my Uncle and Aunties house in some of your images. Staff safe over there in the emerald Isle. Looking forward to seeing more images of Millstreet. Have visited on a few occasions and loved the town everytime. Best wishes from Down Under. Michael Moynihan

  4. Wonderful pictures of Millstreet from a novel perspective. Fond memories of summer holidays at my grandparents home in Church Street back in the 1960s, picnics on Clara, trips out to Drishane, Tubrid, and fishing in the Blackwater (normally unsuccessfully). Simple, everyday pleasures though they seem transgressive, impossible & unreal in this time of pandemic & worldwide chaos.

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