Recycling Centres to Reopen from Tomorrow

Civic Amenity Sites in Cork County to reopen from Tomorrow (Tuesday) with restrictions, please see the update below from Chief Executive, Tim Lucey, which outline the restrictions in place.
(Millstreet Civic Amenity Centre is open Monday, Thursday and Saturday)


“In my correspondence to you yesterday, I indicated that Civic Amenity Sites would be closed on this Monday. That decision was taken following the release of the public health measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 issued on Friday March 27th. Civic Amenity Sites had not been specifically listed as an essential service nationally and would generally require customers to travel more than the restricted two kilometres. 

Experience over the last two weeks had shown an 80% increase in the volume of waste being presented at Civic Amenity Sites compared with the period before the first control measures were introduced on March 12th. People were using the opportunity of school and other workplace closures to clear waste that they had been holding for long periods. This additional activity caused difficulty in maintaining physical separation to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result they are closed today Monday 30th March.

The Council’s Environment Directorate has reviewed the matter, having regard to the Public Health Protection Measures, advice of the Waste Management Planning Office for the region and representation from Councillors. It is now proposed to reopen them for acceptance of essential waste only under the following conditions which are necessary to provide critical waste management services while discouraging the making of unnecessary journeys and providing for the safety of staff and the public in compliance with the Health Protection Guidelines:

• The service will be provided only for acceptance of essential waste, to discourage unnecessary journeys in compliance with the National Public Health Protection Guidelines.

The Civic Amenity Sites will accept normal domestic waste only. This includes black bag waste for disposal, limited to three bags maximum per customer along with domestic bottles and cans for recycling.

• Black bag waste for disposal should have the bag tied securely and then placed into a second bag and tied before arrival at the CA Site.

• No commercial vehicles or trailers will be allowed access.

• Only one person per vehicle can enter the site.

• All customers must place the waste into the receptacles themselves. CA operatives will not be able to assist.

• Payment for black bag waste will be on a price of €4.00 per bag. Weighing will not be possible as it increases the handling required.

• Physical distancing of a minimum 2m must be observed by all customers.

• As the sites will not be accepting garden waste, timber and metal waste, bulky items, WEEE, oils or paints etc, the normal €3.00 entry charge will be waived for the period of the current health protection measures being in place.

• Customers are requested to bring the exact payment for the waste that they are bringing to site.

Civic Amenity Sites will return to their normal operating days and times from tomorrow.”

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Opening Hours [1]

Monday 09.00 – 16.30
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 09.00 – 16.30
Friday Closed
Saturday 09.00 – 13.00



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  1. Very poor move by Cork Co Co increasing recycling centre charges. Expect more roadside rubbish and backyard burning as a result.

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