“Where the Road Takes Me” this Sunday at 7pm on C103

We thank Presenter, John Greene for advance information regarding this evening’s programme – Sun. 22nd March 2020.  (S.R.)

The Showband era and a genuine concern for the environment, would rightly be regarded as an unusual combination or mix, for one radio programme.

But, not really however, when the main guest on the programme has a foothold in both.

On this week’s edition of Where the road takes me,  John Greene goes to visit Michael McCarthy, co-founding member of the Ritz Showband during the 1950s.

Michael is quick to admit that he is not an environmentalist in the Greta Thunberg sense, but he does share her concerns.

While also admitting to once being an offender himself, he now believes that saving the earth and the wildlife within, should start with the younger generation, and he has put the proverbial money where his mouth is.

Saving the environment and meeting up with some of those who graced the local Showband scene of the 50s and 60s.  It’s the first of a two part programme on Where the road takes me, beginning this Sunday evening at 7 – on C103.

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