Patrick Flynn, Constable R.I.C. (Coolykerane P.P. 1911)

One of three men named Flynn (all of different families) that were constables in the Millstreet area at the same time around 1911, Patrick Flynn was only briefly sent to the Protection Post at Coolykeerane from his base in Macroom, and happened to be there when the Nominal Returns were filled out at the start of 1911.  In any event he was in Macroom in 1910, and back there again for the census of April 1911.
Son of a farmer from near  Ballymacarbry in Waterford, his time in the force was only ten years, spent in Cork West, Down, Limerick and finally Cork East, before he resigned in 918 to the home farm, luckily avoiding the troubles that were to come. 

Service Record [1]

Patrick Flynn #63969
Birth: 9th April 1884
Height: 5ft 9 and 7/8 inches
Native County:Waterford
Religion: Catholic
Native County of Wife: Not married while in the force
Recommendations: D.I. Preston
Trade or Calling: farmer
Appointment: 1/July/08
Allocations: Cork W.R. 12 Jan 1909; Down 28.Jan/1912; Limerick 1/Dec/1913; Cork E.R. 1/Dec/1915
Rewards / Marks of Distinction / Favourable records:
Punishments: F (fined?) 15/= 7/Oct/1915
Reason for leaving: Resigned 26/June/1918 to work on his farm, Continued in Waterford

Where was he Stationed?

Nominal Returns
(List of all policemen at the start of each year)
1910 – Macroom
1911 – Coolykerane Protection Post, Millstreet
1916 – Ballyfeard – near Minane Bridge [GMaps]
1917 – Ballyfeard
1918 – Union Quay, Cork City

Constabulary Lists 1919
63969 Flynn, Patrick, constable, Cork, E.R., resigned
(He had resigned on June 26th 1918 to work his farm in Waterford)

Coolykeerane Protection Post

We think that Coolykerane Protection Post was most likely the Railway Station in Millstreet. in 1911, it was administered by the district station in Macroom.
[Townlands: Coolykerane]

Newspaper articles on Patrick Flynn

There were three Flynns in Millstreet around 1910-1911: Michael Flynn, John Flynn, and Patrick Flynn, so when “Constable Flynn” is mentioned, it is usually impossible to distinguish.

It becomes a little easier in the other stations:

Macroom: Rowdiness on the streets [Cork Examiner – Friday 16 September 1910]

Protection Post duty at Lissarda [Cork Examiner – Wednesday 18 October 1911]

TODO: add more articles

Patrick’s Family 

Patrick’s parents: Marriage of John Flynn and Nanno Fraher on July 24th 1883 at Kilbrien, Dungarvan by Fr John Walsh C.C.; He a farmer, of Knockmeal, son of Thomas Flynn a farmer; she of Kilbrien, daughter of Patrick Fraher (deceased) a farmer; in the presence of Thomas Kiely and Johanna Fraher

Knockmeal [Townlands]
Kilbrien [GMaps]

Patrick’s birth: Birth of Patrick Flynn of Knockmeal on April 9th 1884, to Nano Flynn (Fraher) and Patrick Flynn a farmer, Bridget Flynn present at Birth

Death of Patrick Fraher in 1880 (Nanno’s father)

1901 census:  Residents of a house 5 in Knockneal (Graignagower, Waterford) – the family at Knockmeal – 9 children

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Flynn John 63 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic
Flynn Nanno 42 Female Wife Roman Catholic
Flynn Patrick 17 Male Son Roman Catholic
Flynn Thomas 17 Male Son Roman Catholic
Flynn John 14 Male Son Roman Catholic
Flynn Michael 13 Male Son Roman Catholic
Flynn Maurice 11 Male Son Roman Catholic
Flynn Bridget 9 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Flynn Mary 7 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Flynn James 4 Male Son Roman Catholic
Flynn William 2 Male Son Roman Catholic

1911 census:  Residents of a house 5 in Knockmeal (Graignagower, Waterford): The family at Knockmeal – 9 children 9 alive

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Flynn John 70 Male Head of Family Catholic
Flynn Nanno 54 Female Wife Catholic
Flynn Thomas 26 Male Son Catholic
Flynn Maurice 20 Male Son Catholic
Flynn Bridget 17 Female Daughter Catholic
Flynn Mary Anne 15 Female Daughter Catholic
Flynn James 14 Male Son Catholic
Flynn Willie 12 Male Son Catholic

1911 census: Macroom Barrack, Gurteenroe
Patrick is listed with his initials P.F. as were standard for barrack returns.

Surname Forename Age Sex Religion
(Maurice O’Connor)
M 49 Male Kerry R.C
(T. McGovern)
T 41 Male Tipperary R.C
C J 36 Male Kilkenny R.C
K G 33 Male Tipperary R.C
(Patrick Flynn)
P 26 Male Waterford R.C

Death of John Flynn on August 8th 1914 at Knockmeal,  married 74yrs old, son Maurice present at death (Patrick’s father)

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  1. This is Pat Flynn the athlete. His twin brother Tom went to Australia in 1913. Can anyone let me know when Tom died, please?

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