Collins / Sheehan / O’Hare of Cloghoulamore

Hello from Boston!
I’m doing some family history research, and my great-grandmother Mary Agnes Collins (Molly) came from Millstreet and emigrated to the US at about 15 years old.
Maria (Mary) Collins, baptised 5 December 1884″. Her mother is listed as Ellena Collins. The priest was “J. Martin”. And her location is listed as “CLOUGHOOLABEG“.
Does anyone know anything about this family or location?
I would GREATLY appreciate any tips or help. Many thanks!
Robert Pyles, Boston

Admin’s note: we have found out a good bit:


Ellen Collins, Cloghoulamore & John Sheehan, Cloghoulamore
(Ellen is Molly’s mother)

Ellen was born some time in the 1850’s. We have not found a record, but the 1901 census implies 1858, while her death register implies 1854. Her parents were lining in Glenleigh (Kilcorney parish, Diocese of Cloyne)

Birth of Joseph Collins of Glounleagh Kilcorney on May 29th 1882 to Ellen Collins, unmarried no father listed

I think that this is the death of Ellen’s father:
Death of Timothy Collins at Glounleagh Kilcorney on January 26th 1883, married 68 years, agricultural labourer, Hepatitis 4 months, Michael Collins brother of Clohoolabeg present at death.
TODO: what happened to his brother Michael?
TODO: what happened to his wife – catherine leary?

Birth of MARY COLLINS on December 5th 1885, to Ellen Collins, no father listed (unmarried)
(This is the girl in the original question above)

Baptism of MARIA (MARY) COLLINS of CLOUGHOOLABEG on 5 December 1884, sponsored by MICHAEL COLLINS and HONORA COLLINS, Priest

Ellen then married her neighbour, John Sheehan, a widower with two children of his own:
Marriage of JOHN SHEAHAN and ELLEN COLLINS on 05 March 1889, he a widower the son of Timothy Sheahan a labourer, she a spinster a daughter of Timothy Collins a labourer, by Fr. J O’Leary CC,  in the presence of Daniel M Murphy and Michael Kelliher. (both are illiterate and mark with an ‘X’) (civil register)

Marriage of JOANNES (JOHN) SHEEHAN of CLOUGLOULAMORE and ELLENA (ELLEN) COLLINS of CLOUGHOULAMORE on 5 March 1889, by Fr. J O’Leary. He the son of Timothy Sheehan and Catherine Linehan. She the daughter of Timothy Collins and Catherine Leary. Witnessed by Michael Kelleher. (Church register)

Birth of ELLEN SHEEHAN on March 2nd 1890 at Cloghoolamore
Birth of JULIA SHEEHAN July 6th 1892 at Cloghoolamore
Birth of JOHN SHEEHAN on February 3rd 1895 at Cloghoolamore
Birth of DANIEL SHEEHAN on November 27th 1897 at Cloghoolamore

Death of John Sheehan of Cloghoolamore on November 19th 1898, 65 years a farm labourer, Valvular Disease of Heart 2 years General ????? 3 months, Ellen Sheehan widow of deceased present at the death Cloghoolamore

Death of Kate Collins from Glenleigh at the Union Workhouse on 29th January 1900, widow of Timothy Collins farm labourer, General debility 2 months

1900: John’s daughter Catherine (1879) departed for Boston in May 1900

1901 census: Residents of a house 16 in Cloghboola More (Coomlogane, Cork)
… I suspect that the Joseph Sheehan and Mary Sheehan in the 1901 census are actually Joseph Collins and Mary Collins! … thus she emigrated later than 1901, and not 1900 as stated previously.
Realistically, it would make sense to give them the Sheehan surname as they would have been young enough to accept it, and it would help socially as they grew up.

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Sheehan Ellen 43 Female Head of Family
R C Religion
Sheehan Joseph 19 Male Son
R C Religion
Sheehan Lena 11 Female Daughter R C Religion
Sheehan Julia 8 Female Daughter R C Religion
Sheehan John 6 Male Son R C Religion
Sheehan Daniel 3 Male Son R C Religion
Sheehan Mary 16 Female Daughter
Domestic Servant
R C Religion

Death of Ellen Sheehan on June 7th 1906 at Colghoolamore, widow, 52 years, widow of John Sheehan a farm labourer, pneumonia 21 days, Lena Sheehan daughter present at death

Lena departed for Boston in April 1907

Arrival in Boston October 1907: Joseph Collins (23), Julia Sheehan (17), John Sheehan (11), Daniel Sheehan (9), all from Millstreet. Aunt Mrs Dennehy Minor Row Millstreet, passage paid by sister, Destination Step sister Cathine (?) Sheehan 27 (?) Maple Ave Haverhill MA.
Sailed from Queenstown on 24th October 1907, arrived in Boston on November 2nd, on board the Cymric.
Joseph has the years 1904 and 1906 (Cambridge) in the column previously in the USA, so presumably he was there previously from 1904 to 1906 … probably went home when his mother died to take care of the children and bring them to america. Joseph is also described as a labourer.
TODO: find out his travel in 1904


John Sheehan and Hanoria Hare, Cloghoulamore (married 1875-1887)

(Ellen Collin’s husband’s first marriage)

Marriage of JOHANNES (JOHN) SHEEHAN of BALLYDALLY and HANORIA (HONORA) HARE of CLOUGHOLAMORE on 27 April 1875 by Fr Nicholas Power C.C.. He the son of Timothy Sheehan and Catherine Linehan. She the daughter of John Hare and Helen Kelliher. Witnessed by Denis Hare and John Kelliher. [civil]

Baptism of TIMOTHEUS (TIMOTHY) SHEEHAN of CLOUGHOLOMORE on 1 December 1876 – Father JOHN, Mother HONORA HARE.  emigrated to Boston in 1910, going to his sister Catherine.
on 21 September 1879. Emigrated to Boston in 1900 (details on her below)
Baptism of JOANNES (JOHN) SHEEHAN of CLOUGHOULAMOR on 21 October 1883 (died 1885)
Baptism of PATRICIUS (PATRICK) SHEEHAN of CLOGHOOLAMORE on 14 March 1886 (died 1887)

Death of John Sheehan of Cloghoolamore on January 2nd 1885, 14 months, Child of John Sheehan an agri labourer, Croup 4 days

Death of Patrick Sheehan at Mount Leader on 28th March 1887, 1 year old, child of John Sheehan a farm Labourer, Bronchitis 1 month, jane Denahy in custody of the child present at death
(note: The mother in law of Jane Denehy  was Mary Hare, so it looks like a family connection. Jane was née Kelleher Kilmeedy, m. Con Dennehy Liscahane 1867, c.18461926))

Death of Hanoria Sheehan on February 10th 1887 at Clohoolamore, married, 40 yrs old, wife of John Sheehan a farm labourer, Phthisis Pulmonalis 5 months (TB), John Sheehan widower of deceased present at death Clohoolamore.

By the time he married Ellen Collins in 1889, he only had himself and his children Timothy and Catherine.

[See our notes on the Hares of Cloghoula]

Ancestry tree of John Sheehan (not great)


Timothy Sheehan (1st Dec 1876-)

1901 census: The best fit for him is working as a servant in Glantane West (Clondrohid), about 2 miles east of his home place.

Arrival at Boston on October 6th 1910: Timothy Sheehan, 33yrs, male single, Labourer, from Millstreet, contact at home: cousin Thomas O’Hare Cloghoula, Millstreet, destination: Boston. Sister Cath Sheehan 52 Henley St, Boston MA. 5’6″ fair hair blue eyes, scar on left temple.


Catherine Sheehan (1879-)

Arrival in Boston 1900:  Sailed on the SS New England from Queenstown on May 11th 1900 going to Boston. Katie Sheehan 19 yrs, housekeeper, from Millstreet, going to Boston to her cousin Briget Harrington, 16 Moulton Street, Charlestown
( The Hares are related to Harringtons of Boston – Jack F. Buckley is working on it)

Mentioned on her sister Lena’s arrival in Boston (April 1907) at: 29 Conquered St, Cambridge, MA (a valid address?)

Mentioned on the arrival of her other half siblings in Nov 1907 as: Step sister Cathine (?) Sheehan 27 (?) Maple Ave Haverhill MA.

Return in Boston 28th September 1910 from Queenstown, Cork
Catherine Sheehan, sister Lena Sheehan Millstreet Co. Cork
Resident returning to 287 Beacon Street, Boston

Decleration of Intention of Naturalization (10 Nov 1942)
Catherine Elizabeth Sheehan
White, fair complexion, blue eyes, grey hair, 5’4″, 140lbs
39 Sycamore St, Roslindale, Suffolk Co, Mass
Retired 59 yrs old born 32 Nov 1882 in Millstreet, Co. Cork, Ireland
Not married
Arrived on May 18th 1900 on the Cyeric (New England??)

TODO: where did she go to after this?


Joseph J Collins (1882-)

1901 census – listed as Joseph Sheehan with the family at Cloghoulamore

1904-1906: – notes on his arrival in Boston in 1907, seem to imply that he was in Boston from 1904 to 1906, possibly returning on the death of his mother.

1907: arrived in Boston on November 2nd, on board the Cymric with his siblings Julia, John, and Daniel.

1919: Married Delia Teresa Coen (17 MARCH 1895 Tuam, Galway – 24 FEB 1991 Cambridge, Middlesex)  on 4 Mar 1919

1920 Census: 27 Cambridge Terrace, Cambridge Ward 10, Middlesex, Massachusetts (Owned)
Joseph J Collins (head) 34yrs arrived 1907, Chauffeur private
Delia Collins (wife) 24 yrs arrived 1914

Naturalised 22 Jan 1927 ( arrived on the Cymric on Nov 2nd 1907, living at 27 Cambridge Terrace). Wife Delia, children:
Mary 13th June 1920
Joseph 15th Aug 1922
Eleanor 17th June 1925

1930 census: 27 Cambridge Terrace, Cambridge Ward 10, Middlesex
Home Value: $12,000. Occupation: chauffer, private family
otherwise same details.

1937 Julia’s Naturalization: witness Delia T Collins, housewife, 27 Cambridge Terrace, Cambridge, MA (details below)

1940 census: 27 Cambridge Terrace (owned)
Joseph J Collins 56 Private Livery, Industry
Delia Collins 42
Mary Collins 19
Joseph Collins 17
Eleanor Collins 14
John Collins 12
Elizabeth Collins 9

Massachusetts City Directory 1954
Joseph J & Delia T Collins, 27 Cambridge Terrace. Painter Payne Company

Delia died on 24 Feb 1991 at Cambridge, Middlesex, MA. Buried at North Cambridge Catholic Cemetery [obit]

Their children were:
Mary T. Collins (1920–2016) obituary
Joseph John Collins Jr (1922–2005)
John Jack Collins (1928–2018) obituary
Eleanor C. Hogan of Framingham hisband’s obit
Sr. Elizabeth Collins S.B.S. of Bensalem, PA

[Joseph J Collins on ancestry by rdimler1]
[Joseph J Collins on 10 ancestry trees (none know where he came from !!, but none know when/where he died either)]


Molly Collins with her husband James J Sullivan, and children Loretta, Mary, Elizabeth, and Eileen c. 1918 [photo 2]
Mary Agnes (Molly) Collins (1884-c.1970)

Spouse: James J Sullivan 1885–c.1950
+ Eileen Sullivan 1907–
+ Mary Sullivan 1908–
+ Loretta Sullivan 1910–
+ Elizabeth Marie Sullivan 1912–1978
+ two more?

1901 census: Ellen’s 6 children are all given the surname Sheehan, including the Molly and Joseph who born before their marriage (and probably to a different father). It is likely that they were so young that they just took the name Sheehan, and knew no better.

Arrival in Boston: On the SS New England, sailing from Queenstown on 12th April 1901, arriving at Boston Port, of Mary Sheehan, aged 17 a servant, from Millstreet, going to Charlestown, going to sister Katie, 16 Moulton St, Charlestown, Boston.
(This is the same address that Katie gave a year earlier in 1900 for her cousin Bridget Harrington  when she was was heading over. She is also leaving Ireland twelve days after the census, which fits with that too).

Marriage of James J Sullivan and Mary A Collins on October 24th 1905, by Fr. Augustine D Malley, 1 Monument Sq. He 25 of Cambridge, a coachman from Ireland, son of Daniel J Sullivan and Bessie Gallivan. She of 52 Henley St., a waitress from Ireland, daughter of Timothy Collins and Ellen Dennehy. [Marriage 2]
(52 Henley St. is the same address that Timothy gives for his sister Kate in 1910, but mother Ellen Dennehy, and a father Timothy? That is a conundrum)

Details on James J O’Sullivan are below

1910 census: 412 Washington Street, Boston Ward 25, Suffolk, MA. 6 years married 3 children 3 alive (Eileen Mary Loreto). He is 30yrs, she is 26yrs. Her husband is a coachman for a private family.

1919 Decleration of Intent of Naturalization: probably not
1920 census: TODO  (this one is like them, but I don’t think it is correct)

1930 Census: Living at 11 Oakland Street, Suffolk, MA (Ward 22)
James- janitor at a school
Eileen- secretary at a Rubber company
Mary – a social service worker
Loretta – Bookkeeper at a dental xxxxx
Elizabeth(17yrs) – stinographer in insurance

2nd April 1937: Petitition for Naturalization of Julia Sheehan. Witness: Mary A Sullivan of 11 Oakland St, Brighton (details below)

1940 census: living at 7 Oakland Street, Brighton, Suffolk, MA
James J – Janitor in a school
Mary A
Mary A – Social worker for the city of Boston
Loretta – sales at a Carpet Company

Mary Agnes lived in Boston until she died c.1970


James J O’Sullivan – Husband of Molly Collins
(we’re pretty sure this is the correct James, but still would like to be 100%)

James J Sullivan was born on February 8th 1877 in Ardea, Tousist, Co. Kerry. The son of Elizabeth Gallivan and Dan Sullivan a farmer. [birth] [baptism]

His Parents were on May 16th 1865 in Kilgarvan [civil marriage] [catholic marriage]. He from Ardea, she from Lomanagh (15 miles apart). He was one of 9+ children.

Family in the 1901 census, 1911 census. Thet were known as the “Glas” Sullivans, to distinguish themselves from the many other Sullivans of the area. Glas is the Irish for Green. James’ brothers were postmen in Tousist

Parents: Elizabeth Gallivan and Dan Sullivan a farmer (Ancestry: jcarks)

Patrick O’Sullivan (1866–1947 Ardea) Paddy Glas
John O’Sullivan (1867–Boston) m. Bridget Teresa, lived in Boston, Electrician  (gordhaw), Passport Application with photo 1922.
Julia O’Sullivan (1869–) m. Dinney (Island) O’Sullivan. d. Kenmare
Daniel O’Sullivan (1871–) m. maggie Shea, lived Ardea West
Stephen O’Sullivan (1872–1931 Ardea)
Eugene O’Sullivan (1875-)m. Kelly, d. Wales
James O’Sullivan (1877–)
Jeremiah O’Sullivan (1881–1947) m. Margaret (Larry) O’Sullivan, d. Lehuid, Tousist (JCarks)
Timothy O’Sullivan (1883–Boston)   m. Mary Twomey, +6, (gordhaw, Sarah Osgood, regnier519), (Ancestry: A lot of families never made the jump (good family info) from John J Sullivan to his parents Daniel and Bessie in Ardea …. but a good few did make the link).  Passport Application with photo 1922.

Patsy Glas the postman (James’ oldest brother)

Tousist Post Office: Interview with  Maureen O’Sullivan (2019), Maureen 2019 photo,
(Below: ardea post office)

Dúchas: Sullivan Families of Kenmare

Note the Maureen O’Sullivan Tousist, at the bottom of this obit


Ellen (Lena) Sheehan (1890-)

1901 census as Lena

1906: present at her mother’s death, again as Lena

Arrival in Boston 1907:
Name: Lena Sheehan
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Nationality: Irish
Birth Date: abt 1890
Departure: 13 Apr 1907, Queenstown, Ireland
Arrival: 22 Apr 1907, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Destination: Sister Kate 29 Conquered St, Cambridge, MA
Travelling with: Kate Buckley (19) of Millstreet
Ship: Cymric

Is this her in the 1910 census as a servant/cook?  I think maybe not, but maybe so all the same

1918: Listed in her Brother Daniel’s WWI Draft as living at
11 Harvard, Charlestown, Suffolk, MA


Julia Sheehan (1892-)

Born July 6 1892 at Cloghoulabeg

1901 census living with the family at Cloghoulabeg

Arrival in Boston 1907: Joseph Collins (23), Julia Sheehan (17), John Sheehan (11), Daniel Sheehan (9). Going to their step sister Catherine.

1910: This could be her as a servant, living in a boarding house (correct age, correct arrival), but there is no connection to anything else, so it can never be 100%.  Another options (1910: )

Petition for Naturalization (2nd April 1937)
Julia Sheehan, 428 Warren Street, Brookline, MA
A waitress, born July 6th 1892 in Co. Cork.
Declared intention to become a citizen on May 26 1932, Boston MA
Not married, no children
Arrived Nov 2nd 1907
Delia T Collins, housewife, 27 Cambridge Terrace, Cambridge, MA, and
Mary A Sullivan, housewife, 11 Oakland Street, Brighton, MA
(These are his sister-in-law and sister)


John Joseph Sheehan (1895–???)

Arrived on 2 Nov 1907 at Boston, Massachusetts, on the SS Cymric – With Joseph Collins, Julia and Daniel Sheehan (TBC)

Declaration of Intention to Naturalise 20th February 1917.  10 Knapp St. Somerville.

Naturalised in 1919. residence: 10 Knapp St. Somerville. Labourer in tool workes (Sailor)

He married Yvonne Marie Berard (1888–1960) in the 1920s, A MA lady out of Canadian parents

… and they had two children:
John J (1926–2013) obituary (WWII)
Mary Yvonne (c.1929-)

1930: Linotype operator at a city plant, living at 10 Winter Street, Boston.

1940: He was a compositor in a printing shop living at 28 Winter Street, Boston.

U.S., World War II Draft Registration Card (1942)
Name: John Joseph Sheehan
Birth: 6 Feb 1895, County Cork, Ireland
Residence (1942): 28 Winter St, Dor, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
Wife Yvonne Sheehan
Employer: City of Boston Printing Dept, 174 North St. Boston, Suffolk Mass
He is a WWII veteran


Daniel Sheehan (1896-1962)

Arrival in Boston 1907: Joseph Collins (23), Julia Sheehan (17), John Sheehan (11), Daniel Sheehan (9). Going to their step sister Catherine.

U.S., World War I Draft Registration Card:
Name: Daniel Joseph Sheehan
Birth Date: 6 Nov 1897
Street address: 10 Knapp St, Residence Place: Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA (10 Knapp St is the same as his brother John Joseph … it is a boarding house run by )
Relative: Lena Sheehan (Sister), 11 Harvard, Charlestown, Suffolk, MA
Labourer at Harry Cotton, 440 Sommerville Ave, Sommerville, Middlesex, MA
TODO: add this to the other cards:
TODO: did he partake in the war?

1920 census: Daniel Sheehan is a boarder at 10 Knapp St, Somerville. 22yrs, arrived 1908, naturalization papers submitted, single, a labourer in the tube works.

Married Margaret Keane  (b.23 March 1899), June 25 1923 at Somerville
(Keane is from their son Donald’s obit)

Naturalization Petition (7 Nov 1941)
Name: Daniel Graham Sheehan, 9 Granite St. Somerville, Middlesex, MA. laundry worker.
Birth: 6 Nov 1898, Millstreet Co Cork, Ireland
male white ruddy blue eyes, brown hair, 5’8″, 136lbs
Arrival: 2 Nov 1907, Boston, Massachusetts
Petition Place: Boston, Massachusetts, USA. #229329
Spouse: Margaret (b.23 March 1899), June 25 1923 at Somerville
Children (all born in Brighton Mass, and living in Somerville)
Pauline 30 March 1926
Phyllis 30 Nov 1927
John 6 Apr 1929
Jean 5 May 1931
Robert 24 May 1935
Donald 15 May 1936

1930 census: 9 Granite St, Somerville, MA
Household members: Daniel G, Margaret, Pauline E, Phyllis M, John F
Daniel is a washman at a laundry

Pauline E (m. Ronald  Laidley, Somerville) 30 March 1926 -2 Apr 2019 obituary
Phyllis M (m Paul A Shimmel, Littleton) 30 Nov 1927-29 Nov 1977
John F 6 Apr 1929-before 2013
Jean (m. Francis W. Higgins, Littleton) 5 May 1931-17 Mar 2008 obituary
Robert (m. Norma Libardoni, Somerville) 24 May 1935 – February 19, 2013 Obituary
Donald (m. Judy Carton, Littleton) 15 May 1936-30 Jan 2015 obituary

Daniel G Sheehan died in 1962 and is buried at Westlawn Cemetery, Littleton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA [Find a Grave]

His wife Margaret died on 27 Aug 1983 [Find a Grave]

[Daniel G Sheehan on ancestry by itstheemu18]
[all trees 5 trees on Daniel G Sheehan (most are private)]


Family of Ellen Collin (-1906)

This is most likely the aunt Dennehy mentoned in the Boston arrival documents
Marriage of JEREMIAS (JEREMIAH) DENNEHY of LACKOOTA and MARGARITA (MARGARET) COLLINS of LACKOOTA on 7 October 1877 in Millstreet by Fr. Daniel O’Keeffe. He the son of Jeremiah Dennehy and Mary Murphy, she the daughter of Timothy Collins and Catherine Leary. Witness John Collins
Those Dennehys are of the Tanyard,  9 children. Our notes on them are in the article Jeremiah Dennehy WWI  (one of the sons) previously researched but not published yet, ask for notes.

Ellen’s Brother John:
Marriage of JOHANNES (JOHN) COLLINS of TOOREENBAUN and HANORA (HONORA) WOODS of DRISHANEBEG on 6 February 1875, by Canon AS Griffin. He the son of TIMOTHY COLLINS and Catherine Leary, She the daughter of William Woods and Honora Looney. Witnessed by TIMOTHY) WOODS (church register)

Baptism of TIMOTHY COLLINS of LACKDOTA on 16 January 1876 in Millstreet by Fr N Power, Sponsored by TIMOTHY WOODS and HELEN COLLINS. Birth: occupation a labourer

Baptism of CATHERINE COLLINS of LACKDOTHA on 4 August 1878 in Millstreet by Cannon AS Griffin, sponsored by JEREMIAH DENNEHY and ANN WOODS. Birth: a labourer; Catherine Collins grandmother present at birth.

1901 census?

I think this is Timothy (TBC):

1940 census: living at 1025 Spring Street, Philidelphia. A Janitor Gardener for buildings. 63 yrs. an Alien.

Death of Timothy Collins, Male, White
Birth: 16 Jan 1879, Ireland
Death: 10 Mar 1949, Hahnemann Hospital, Philadelphia, USA
Residence: 1025 Spring Street, Philadelphia
Head Injuries shock, struck by Auto 11th Race Street, 3/10/49

Buried:Mount Peace Cemetery, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA [Find a Grave]



TODO: It would be ideal if we could locate the Sheehans in the 1910 census. There should be Sheehans at 52 Henley St,  but it is possible that the entry is just missing. or they just missed the census altogether.

TODO: who was Mary’s father. we will probably never know.

TODO: check this Timothy Sheehan of Henley St 1920

on 12 September 1872
leary / dennnehy / collins in this, any connection?


TODO: When did James J Sullivan arrive in america?

in the 1910 census, it states that James arrived in 1895.

Elizabeth (40 widow), and sons michael, james 10, timothy 8 arrived in 1895, going to daughter mary 11 Mason Street, Cambridge … but the ages are off.

Naturalisation Record index (10 Feb 1902):
James J Sullivan
Born: 8 Feb 1881 (8th Feb is correct), Ireland
Court District:Rhode Island
Year of Arrival: 1897


Details & map on Cloghoulabeg townland

[ancestry Mary Agnes Collins – by Robert Piles (who sent the message above)]

The 15 different trees on Ancestry


Question: Are any of them left around here now? would they be related to the current Sheehans of Cloghoula?

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  1. Robert,
    I am the 2nd great grandson of Jane Kelleher Dennehy. She lived in Mount Leader and was taking care of John Sheehan’s and Hanoria Hare’s child Patrick when he died on 28th March 1887. Jane’s mother in law was Mary Hare, so I am trying to look for a connection. Since you descend from John Sheehan and his second wife, we do not have a DNA connection. Have you discovered any descendants of John and Hanoria? I would like to see if there is a connection to my family.

    Bill Fitzpatrick
    Southport, NC USA

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