Millstreet Community School Features Superbly at BTYSTE 2020 in Dublin’s RDS

One of the many images captured during our visit to the truly magnificent BTYSTE at Dublin’s RDS on Thursday, 9th Jan. 2020. We recorded a wonderful amount of very interesting interviews for a special “Radio Treasures” programme on Cork Music Station on Tuesday, 21st Jan. from 9:30 to 11:30pm.. In this image we meet Students Darragh, Donagh and Harry with Science Teachers Eileen and Francy Lyons. We were also joined by Cancer Scientist Barbara. This important Project attracted enormous interest as did the other four Projects which we shall later share. This particular Project dealt with the Awareness of Testicular Cancer in Young Boys and Men. The very presence of such a Project at the National Exhibition could well lead to avoiding very challenging health issues through awareness of early diagnosis. Tap on the picture for further clarity. (S.R.)








I learned too that even if they tried to, a person could not get “high” on hemp (a form of cannabis).

That’s because it is not a narcotic and the levels of intoxicants in the plant are too small to penetrate our systems. But hemp has 50,000 uses and benefits. It can be made into a lightweight biodegradable plastic that can replace oil based plastics. It is non-toxic and can be grown without pesticides.

It is durable and it can be moulded and used for almost anything including electronics, containers, toys, furniture, bottles, bags, and even car parts. The most exciting thing about hemp, however, if you plant hemp it will absorb three-and-a-half times more carbon dioxide than trees as well as growing over 80 times faster making it really valuable in the fight against climate change.

Professor Brian Cox speaks to students yesterday
All of that information was thrown up by the science project submitted by three students from Millstreet Community School in Co Cork. It’s really interesting work. [RTE]

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