Flying Saucer Clouds over Ballydaly

Did anyone see the clouds that looked like Flying Saucers which appeared at sunset on Sunday evening over Ballydaly / Rathmore, hovering in place while the other clouds rolled by? Davina and Kathleen sent us these photos:

They are actually called Lenticular Clouds, or Lens Clouds, but often called Flying Saucer Clouds. They are caused by moist air in a stable atmosphere passing over rounded mountains. Here is an explanation:

Something like this

They are seen ever now and then on the north side of the Derrynasaggart Mountains, when conditions are right. Below is a photo of Lenticular clouds on April 21st 2019 (3:30pm) at taken from Tanyard Wood. The Derrynasaggart Mountains (Caherbarnagh, the Paps, etc) are just visible on the left of the photo.

In all a beautiful sight, especially at sunset.



Liam took this one from Kiskeam (i+1)::


Eibhlín sent some more photos from the Station Road, (looking directly west)

Michael spotted it from Boherbue (i+2):

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