Pumping Water at Millstreet Railway Station

Topping up the water of the 186 Steam Train in 1964 at Millstreet Railway Station. The main station house is behind the train, the goods shed is on the right, the signal cabin can be seen in the background, and Clara Mountain is on the very left. [flickr] [f]. Steam engines were finally removed from commercial use in 1962 … this is a Rail Tour.

But, would anyone know who the man in the middle of the photo is? Possibly the station master.


Jonathan  advises that the above photo is from “the big railway enthusiast trip…. actual working steam had ended a year earlier.”

Notes by Irish Railway History clarify this: “By 1960, main line trains were almost entirely dieselised, leaving steam on secondary duties and freight traffic. At the end of 1962, following the delivery of more diesel locomotives and with further branch line closures imminent, CIÉ eliminated steam traction for good.”

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