“Where the Road Takes Me” Sunday 7pm C103

We thank John Greene for advance information on this Sunday’s (24th Nov. 2019) radio programme.  (S.R.)

On “Where the road takes me” this Sunday evening, we feature the story of a man who as a young boy had an overwhelming desire to become a musician.

While there are hundreds of similar stories out there, not many can also factor in Bessborough Mother & Baby Home, fostering, arranged marriages and dowries,  running away from home in Drimoleague and working in London while still at school, or buying their first guitar from Jimi Hendrix.

‘Borrowing’ a few calves to buy his first set of gear, Oliver Kane has been a full time musician for almost all of his life.  He has played with some of the top bands and musicians, including a stint with Rory Gallagher, and has taken to the boards in all of London’s top ballrooms.

He was fifty four years of age before he discovered that his biological parents were from Tipperary.  His book ‘Auntie Annie – My saviour’, tells the story of the wonderful woman who reared him with her husband in Clodagh Drimoleague.

‘A life and a love of music’ – The Oliver Kane Story – Join John Greene on Where the road takes me, this Sunday evening on C103 at 7.


Update: listen back to the podcast of this programme HERE.



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