John Sing Used To Say

John Sing used to say that Clara Mountain would outlive the Seasons of time
That it was a very ancient landmark when Fionn mac Cumhaill was in his prime
Sing was such a marvellous character in mood one i never see down
Will there ever again be one like him in Duhallow’s old Millstreet Town?

John Sing used to say Millstreet is in the Diocese of Kerry and we live in the County of Cork
And that many he grew up with migrated to big Cities like London and New York
And though we may feel quite important on the map of the World we are small
Not many beyond the shores of Hibernia would have heard of Millstreet at all


To Mister O’s drapery store where he worked as a tailor he whistled to work every day
I never see John Sing unhappy and of so few such a thing one could say
Ever a carefree sort of a fellow and always a pleasure for to meet
John Sing always will be remembered as a favourite son of Millstreet

He drummed in the Pipe Band of Millstreet in towns in the green countryside
And beyond the borders of Duhallow John Sing he was known far and wide
As a young man he played Gaelic Football for Millstreet in the green and gold
As an accurate point scoring forward though time leaves the best of them old

In his twilight years he played pitch and putt a sportsman till the day he died
And of friends he had many hundreds one who never had secrets to hide
And surely it can be said of him that he was one who did his own thing
For Millstreet it was such a sad day on the death of John O Sullivan ‘Sing’. [f]

John Sing Used To Say is by Francis Duggan


This special memory relates to the putting in place of the Christmas Tree at The Square, Millstreet c.1989. From left: Brendan Murphy, John “Sing” O’Sullivan, Thomas Galvin, Kieran Murphy (Brendan’s son) and Bill O’Sullivan. [1]

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  1. I Remember John Sing … meeting him in Marion McCarthy’s Bar with my uncles Garry & Ger Murphy. Did he work for Mr. “0” too … undertaking I’m sure he did … I’m sure he buried Ger Murphy in 1993 … with Mr “0”.

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