Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2019

St.Brendan’s N.S. is a drop off  point for the Team Hope Shoe box appeal again this year. All details can be found on our blog post Christmas Shoe box Appeal 2019 on the St.Brendan’s N.S. website:

:: It’s that time of year again – time for the annual Christmas Shoebox Appeal! As always, the children (and parents, of course) of St.Brendan’s N.S. are responding in astounding fashion. You are all truly making a huge difference for so many less fortunate children this Christmas. We are all very lucky to have a lot to look forward to at Christmas time but the true spirit of Christmas is seen in the giving, not the receiving. So well done again to everyone who made the effort to give this year.

If you would like to learn more about the Christmas Shoebox Appeal, run by Team Hope, or watch a video of the children opening their boxes on previous years, then click this link: 

If you need some ideas on how to fill your shoebox have a look at the following poster. We always ask children to remember the 4 w’s (something to wash with, something to write with, something to wear, and a wow item).

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