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  1. I wanted to thank Michael for the ‘Heads Up’ on this offering, as I managed to be the successive bidder. The doll, in its original box, arrived in today’s Post. The seller was an E-Shop located in Wisconsin, USA, that specializes in dolls.

    On the side of the box is a Price Sticker: “A Gift From The Blarney Woolen Mills”, listing 5.50 Irish Pounds. On the back of the box is the following:
    “Clara Toys”


    http://ie.zipleaf.com/Companies/Clara-Toy-Clothing-Co-Ltd lists a business called Clara Toy & Clothing, Pound Hill, Millstreet , Phone: 69747. Does this business still exist, and is this the source of the above-referenced doll?

    Would the Museum be interested in acquiring this doll as a donation from the Jack Doody family? If so, some of us will be in Millstreet on or about 1 April and I would be delighted to bring it back “Home”.

    Bob Emprimo

  2. Bob , your very kind offer of the Clara Toys Doll for Millstreet Museum is much appreciated and I feel that we can guarantee a good home for the Millsteet-made doll. Jack Doody would have liked this wonderful gesture. Many thanks from All in Millstreet.

  3. No bother Bob. The dolls are interesting now because a good few people worked in Clara Toys, and the dolls would have brought back memories. Anyway, they’re interesting pieces to just put out there, and see if people are interested.

    Clara Toys closed years ago … though I don’t know the date. The address of “Pound Hill” is correct. It’s across the road from St.Anna’s Church.

    the phone number doesn’t look correct. maybe it’s still registered as a company, but i can’t say.

  4. Hello,
    I stumbled across your posts when looking for info on a doll I picked up at a local Kiwanis sale. I have a Young Paddy doll in box that was made by Celtic Toys Millstreet Co. Cork. He’s a very cute little lad but I don’t think I’ll be keeping him in my collection. If you would be interested, please let me know. Thanks.

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