By the Way 2 – Public Art in Ireland

After almost 3 years research and lots of driving Ann Lane’s new photo book of public sculptures will be available on October 1st from Wordwell Books.  It can be ordered in advance from Looking forward to seeing it.

by the Way 2 – Public Art in Ireland.
To be published on 1st October,2019.

The great tradition of public art on our island reaches back thousands of years to a time when the earliest inhabitants first raised the megaliths and ancient monuments which can still be found across our country.

Over the past 30 years a new wave of public art has been made possible by the commitment of citizens in towns and villages across Ireland, and most importantly by national policy through the Per Cent for Art Scheme. The diverse sculptures which now grace our countryside are a testament not only to the creativity and innovation of the individual artist but also to the power of collective action to adequately fund and sustain public art, as this wonderful collection demonstrates.

“For those fortunate enough to live and travel in Ireland it can provide a new perspective on our native landscape and our journeys through it. For those who have never come to our country I trust that it will arouse curiosity and interest. I hope that all those who open this book will find it as inspiring as I have.”  – President Michael D. Higgins


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