“Discover Duhallow” News Magazine Launched by IRD Duhallow

Click on the image to enlarge. (S.R.)  This is the first issue of the recently launched “Discover Duhallow”.  It’s available free in the local shops and will appear on a regular basis.   Each area in Duhallow is given at least one page to share its local news.         Every success to all those associated with this uplifting new publication “Discover Duhallow” which will undoubtedly be a wonderful source of communication throughout Duhallow and beyond.  We look forward to sharing useful information, updates and images relating to Millstreet Parish.  For over thirty years the “Clara News” publication which appeared nine times per year was an all-important aspect of Millstreet life and was greatly missed when it ceased publication some years ago.   Our local website www.millstreet.ie has now become the central means of communication here in Millstreet (and John Tarrant’s Millstreet Notes in the weekly “Corkman” as well as Eily Buckley’s Weekly Report on C103) but an actual colour publication which one can physically hold and pass on to others will certainly also be warmly welcomed.   And we all look forward also to having lots of insights into the many other towns, villages and townlands of Duhallow as portrayed in future editions of “Discover Duhallow”.  Heartfelt congratulations to IRD Duhallow on taking this very welcome initiative.  (S.R.)

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