Rathcoole Aerodrome

Rathcoole Aerodrome (ICAO: EIRT) (also called Rathcoole Airfield) is situated just north of Rathcoole Village, about 9km north-east of Millstreet. It has a single grass strip (approx. 450m in length and 18m wide) running to the south of the River Blackwater.

The airfield has numerous aircraft based there, including:- a Piper J-3 Cub (G-ATKI), Cessna 210 Centurian (EI-AWH), a homebuild Vans RV-6(G-BYDV), a Chevron 2-32 motor glider (EI-CAU), a Streak Shadow (EI-CZC), and a Medway EclipseR (EI-CRY).
It is operated by the Rathcoole Flying Club – Tel: 029-58004. Or contact- Jerry Creedon. Tel: 022-22344

The runway headings are: 09/27

This aerodrome is licensed by the Aeronautical Services Department of the Irish Aviation Authority.

Rathcoole airfield was opened during the 1960’s by the McCarthy Family who who ran a popular and much needed pipe and tile business in Rathcoole. It was at a time when air travel was in its infancy and the development created quite a stir in the locality. It is owned and maintained by Donal Mc Carthy.

Air Ambulance

In August 2019 the country’s first charity air ambulance service, led by the Irish Community Rapid Response charity, started operating from the Aerodrome. The service is centrally located for all of Munster and deals with severe medical emergencies that need to be transferred to hospitals quickly.

See more at ICRR.ie, and also in our news pages

How to get there?

Rathcoole is about 9km north-east of Millstreet. Directions are HERE [GMaps]



Approaching Rathcoole Airfield (2019)


2019: Zenith CH701 landing at Rathcoole, County Cork

2016: AFTA CFI Daniel Lynch performing a short-field landing into Rathcoole airfield in C172 G-CFMM.

Near Accident

In 2007 The pilot of a microlight aircraft had a narrow escape when a spare helmet bounced out of the back seat and smashed into the rear propeller as he was taking off from Rathcoole airfield near Mallow in Co Cork… [Irish Times]


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