Henry Wallis (1790 – 1862) of Drishane Castle

High Sheriff for county Cork 1829 (TODO: any more years?)


HENRY WALLIS, (1790 – 6 Jan. 1862) of Drishane Castle, Co. Cork, J.P, and D.L. High Sheriff. 1814, Lieut.-Col. South Cork Rifles,

Married 1st, Charlotte Forster (–1816), by whom he had

  • one son, deceased

Married secondly, 26 Dec 1827, Ellen (1897-1930), daughter of Grice Smyth, of Ballynatray, Co. Waterford, and sister of the Princess of Capua, and of Lady Dinorben  and had:

  • JOHN RICHARD SMYTH, (5th June 1827 – 27 Oct 1868) of Drishane Castle (see below)
  • Mary Gertrude, (Apr 1829 – 5 May, 1857) died unmarried.

For full details, see the lineage of the Wallis Family of Drishane.


Marriage to Ellen Smyth

MARRIED: On Tuesday the 26th instant, in the Episcopal Church of Youghal, by the Lord Bishop of Cloyne; Henry Wallis, Drishane Castle, County of Cork, Esq. to Ellen, eldest daughter the late Grice Smyth of Ballynatray, County of Waterford, Esq. Immediately after the ceremony, the happy couple returned to Ballynatray, accompanied by the Lord Bishop and several members of the Smyth family, where the Christmas festivities are being kept up in the usual stylo of elegance, so peculiar to its present hospitable owner Richard Smyth, Esq. – [Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier – Thursday 29 December 1825]

REJOICINGS AT MIILLSTREET. TO THE EDITOR OF THE CORK CONSTITUTION. Sir, —Having arrived here on Thursday the 2nd inst, I found the town a perfect seen of bustle, the assemblage was numerous and each individual seemed as if the business of the day depended exclusively upon his exertions; on enquiry I found that Captain Wallis and his amiable and accomplished Bride, were expected in town in the evening on their way to Drishane Castle, the beautiful seat of this deservedly esteemed Gentleman; and that the population had assembled for the purpose of evincing their respect and attachment, by general illumination, bonfires, &c. &c.
About six their approach was announced, when some thousands proceeded meet the happy pair, which they no sooner than in despite all remonstrance and entreaty, the horses were taken from the carriage, which they drew with deafening acclamations to the Castle, a distance of not less loan five miles. It is superflous to remark that the illuminatino was general, embracing even the must humble cabin, and that the bonfires were numerous not only in the Town, but eminence to a considerable distance. The following night some hundreds were entertained in the domain. I am, Sir, &c. &c. E. Millstreet, February 7. [Cork Constitution – Saturday 11 February 1826]



TODO: first child to miss foster

BIRTHS: On the 5th instant, in Dublin, the lady of Henry Wallis of Drishane Castle, in this Co. Esq. of a son & heir – [Cork Constitution – Saturday 09 June 1827]
BIRTHS:  On the Sackville-Street, the lady of Henry Wallis, Drishane Castle, County Cork, Esq. son and and heir – [Dublin Evening Mail – Wednesday 06 June 1827]

BIRTHS – At Sydney-Place, Cork, lady of Henry Wallis, of Drishane Castle, Esq., a daughter. [Limerick Evening Post – Tuesday 21 April 1829]
BIRTHS: At Sydney Place, Cork, the lady of Henry Wallis of Drishane Castle, of a son – [Dublin Morning Register – Thursday 23 April 1829]  (note: The “son” is probably a misprint and should be daughter)

TODO: did Henry and Ellen have two sons, as not mentioned in Burkes?


Death of Ellen

Feb. 25, in Bath. Grace, wife of Henry Wallis, Esq., of Drishane Esq., County of Cork, and eldest daughter of the late Grice Smyth, Esq., of Ballynatray, County of Waterford. He remans arrived Cork the Superb steamer, on Thursday evening, and were conveyed to the family vault in Millstreet Church. [Dublin Evening Packet and Correspondent – [Tuesday 09 March 1830]
(Shouldn’t Grace read Ellen?)

DEATHS. In Bath on the 25th ult., Grace wife of Henry Wallis, of Drishane Castle, County of Cork, Esq., and eldest daughter the late Grice Smyth, of Ballynatray, County of Waterford, Esq.— Her remains arrived in this City in the Superb steamer, Thursday evening, accompanied by her afflicted husband and Mr. J. Caulfield Irvine, and were met most the members of the Smyth and Wallis families, who, anxious pay their last tribute of affection and respect, attended their lamented relative to the family vault Millstreet Church. Any panegyric on this amiable lady must fall short indeed of her real worth: she was a dutiful child, an affectionate wife, a tender mother, and a sincere friend she supported a protracted illness, originating in a severe cold, with fortitude and true Christian piety, and her last breath was expressive of resignation to the decree of her Divine Master, into whose hands she devoutly and fervently committed her spirit.— Her loss will be severely felt by the poor of her neighbourhood, (Mr. Wallis being one our few resident landlords)—She exerted herself to alleviate their distress, encouraging amongst them habits of industry. To many she advanced money, and was repaid by instalments from their earnings ; she supplied the women with spinning wheels, in like manner, as also flax and many other articles, so much so, that through her encouragement and exertions the linen manufacture was progressing about Millstreet. But alas I heir friend and patroness is now gone to “that bourne from whence there is return,” sincerely regretted by those who had the happiness of her acquaintance, and deeply lamented by her disconsolate husband and afflicted relatives. [Cork Constitution – Saturday 06 March 1830]


Sherriff of Cork County

His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has been pleased to appoint the following Gentlemen to High Sheriffs for the ensuing year
Co. Galway: Robt. Parsons Persse, of Castleboy, Esq.
Co. Monaghan, Richard Adams, Esq.
Co. Antrim, John Rowan, of Larne, Esq
Co. Cork, Henry Wallis, Westwood, Esq.
Co. Down, Arthur Innes, of Dromartine, Esq.
Co. Dublin, John Hamilton Esq.
Co. Kerry, Robert Leslie, jun. of Talbert, Esq.
[Saunders’s News-Letter – Tuesday 08 February 1814]

High Sherriff: 1814: Henry Wallis of Drishane Castle [List of High Sheriffs of County Cork]

DUBLIN CASTLE, 12th November, Names of Gentlemen returned by the Judges of Assises to serve the office of Sheriff for the ensuing year: … CORK— John Longueville, of Longfield, Esq. ; Henry Wallis, of Drishane Castle, Esq.; Standish Harrison, of Castle Harrison, Esq. … [Drogheda Journal, or Meath & Louth Advertiser – Wednesday 10 December 1828]

HIGH SHERIFFS FOR THE ENSUING YEAR. DUBLIN CASTLE, 25TH NOVEMBER, 1828. Names of Gentlemen returned by the Judges of Assise, to serve the office of Sheriff for the ensuing year: … CORK— John Longueville, of Longfield, Esq. ; Henry Wallis, of Drishane Castle, Esq.; Standish Harrison, of Castle Harrison, Esq. … [Saunders’s News-Letter – Monday 01 December 1828]

His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has been pleased to approve of Henry Wallis, Esq., of Drishane Castle, being appointed a Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Cork. Commission to bear date 30th June, 1835. [Saunders’s News-Letter – Friday 03 July 1835]

Deputy Lieutenant Sheriff for County Cork 1837 [The Dublin Alamac and General Registry for Ireland 1837, p186]

Question: is there a difference between High Sheriff and Sheriff?

The following is a list Magistrates for the county of Kerry, included in the new Commission, as recenred the Clerk the Peace Wednesday last : … Henry Wallis, Drishane Castle, Co. Cork … [Kerry Evening Post. – Wednesday 13 June 1838]


Fashionable Mentions in the Newspapers

FASHIONABLE MISCELLANY. The Lord Bishop of Limerick and suite, and several other persons of distinction, arrived on Thursday last at Drishane Castle, the hospitable mansion of Capt. Wallis, in the County of Cork. [Saunders’s News-Letter – Saturday 10 June 1820]

FASHIONABLE MISCELLANY – … Arrived at Gresham’s Hotel, Sackville-street— Capt. Henry Wallis, of Drishane Castle, County of Cork, with his superb equipage… [Saunders’s News-Letter – Wednesday 08 August 1821]

On Wednesday evening last, the (Church of Ireland) Bishop Limerick, accompanied his son, Dr. Elrington, F. T. C. D. passed through Millstreet, on their return from Kerry. He dined Drishane Castle, the hospitable mansion of Capt. Wallace. Doctor Elrington preached the most interesting sermon previous the confirmation of over 100 persons. From Millstreet the Bishop proceeded to Mallow. [Saunders’s News-Letter – Thursday 12 September 1822]

KILLARNEY RACES. Killarney, Monday Night, June 30.— the four horses entered at the Curragh, for the Kenmare Stakes, only two started this day. The first heat was easily won by Mr. Creagh’s herse, Clan William, and in the second heat he distanced Mr. Croker’s mare Paragon. The assemblage of rank, fashion, and equipages, was very imposing. Amongst the most conspicuous were Lord Headley’s chariot and four, and the chariot and four of Mr. Wallis Drishane Castle. There scarcely a bed disengaged In the town, and the two balls promise fashionable overflow. [Dublin Morning Register – Tuesday 08 July 1828]

DEPARTURES yesterday at Conway’s Royal Hotel (Clonmel?) — Viscount Villars and suite on his way to visit the Lakes of Killarney, Miss Smith, Mr. John Smith and suite, for Ballinatray House, Captain Wallis and suite for Drishane Castle. [Cork Constitution – Thursday 28 August 1828]

TO BE LET, FROM THE FIRST DAY OF MAY NEXT, For such Term, as may be agreed on:THE MILL, and MILL LANDS of Millstreet. Proposals to Henrv Wallis, Esq, Drishane Castle, and Duplicates to HerbertO’Donnell, Esq. Coole-House, Millstreet. No promise of preference. April 10. [Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier – Tuesday 13 April 1830] (TODO: move to Drishane)

A BOARD OF HEALTH has been established in the Town of Millstreet, which is composed of the Magistrates, the Clergy of all persuasions, and the Physician to the local Dispensary, for the purpose of purifying and cleansing the town, as well supplying straw and bed clothes to the destitute poor; to accomplish these objects a considerable sum has been raised by private contributions, including from Henry Wallis, of Drishane Castle, Esq. [Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier – Saturday 10 December 1831]

PROTESTANT CONSERVATIVE SOCIETY OF IRELAND. The Society met on Tuesday at their rooms, Tims’s, 85, Grafton-Street, Alexander Montgomery, Esq., High Sheriff of the County of Monaghan, in the chair. The following gentlemen were announced by the Secretary as having been ballotted for and admitted since the last day of meeting :-  … Henry Wallis, Esq., Drishane Castle, Millstreet, County Cork; …  [Waterford Mail – Saturday 28 July 1832]

Lakes of Killarney — Fashionable Arrivals at Hegarty’s Hibernian Hotel — … Capt Wallis, Drishane Castle … Saunders’s NewsLetter – Friday 09 September 1836]

Arrivals Whitmore’s Club-House, Carlow: Lord Powerscourt, Lord Jocelyn, the Lord Primate of Ireland, the Horourable and Very Rev. the Dean of Ossory, the Earl of Donoughmore, the Earl of Glengall, Lord Howarden, Lord Carberry, Lord Amiens, Stephen O. Moore, Esq., County Tipperary, Lord and Lady Bovle, Lady and Miss Osborne, Hon. Randal Plankett, M.P., Robert Fowler. Esq., John Flood, Esq., the Marquis of Waterford, the Dowager Lady Carrick, Captain Wallis, Drishane, County Cork, Richard Smith, Esq., Ballinalray, Silver Oliver, Esq., county Cork, Abrafam Moiris, Esq., Dunkettle, County Cork, Nicholas Leader, Esq., Mount Leader, county Cork, &c., &co. [Warder and Dublin Weekly Mail – Saturday 04 February 1837]

LAKES OF KILLARNEY – The following are amongst the latest arrivals at the Hibernain Hotel, Killarney – The Right Hon Lord Limmers, St Eustace Leader, Esq, Mr and Mrs Leader of Mount Leader; Miss macCartie, Capt. Eustace and EB Hall Esq 82nd Regt; Captain Adams and Mr Grant, 10th Regt; Capt. St. Wallis, Drishane Castle …. [Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier – Tuesday 31 July 1838]

CORK HARBOUR REGATTA – ADDITIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS – … …. Captain Wallis, Royal Cork Yacht Club, Drishane Castle £1 1 0 – [Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier – Tuesday 23 July 1839]

CORK RACES – Thrusday – The course was very well attended. The first race was contested with great between Mr. Barry’s Ballysax and Dr. O’Neill’s Splendid; the former winning each hear by a length … … We noticed present several of the county gentry and gentlemen of the turf. James S Barry – courtenay, (Ballyedmond), — Morris (Dunkettle), A.D. O’Driscoll, Captain Wallis, (Drishane) were on the course. [Saunders’s News-Letter – Monday 28 October 1839]


His Reported Murder in 1821

At first it was reported that Wallis had been one of the few not attacked, then it was reported that he had been killed, or mortally wounded, and finally that he had been attacked, and made a successful defence!!!

… By letters received from Millstreet, County of Cork, and its vicinity, it appears that there is not a gentleman’s residence from Kanturk to that town, with the exception of Drishane Castle, the seat of Captain Wallis – and Rathroe, the seat of Denis McCartby, Esq.-that had not t visited by those nightly disturhers, who prowl about in search of arms, and in most instances are successful… [Exeter Flying Post – Thursday 29 November 1821]

IRELAND. Dublin, Nov. 28 — Accounts continue to be received in Dublin, almost hourly, of new atrocities: … It has been stated to me this afternoon, upon very respectable authority, that Mr. Wallace, the late High Sheriff of the County of Cork, who resided at Drishane Castle, has been either murdered, or so badly wounded, that his life is despaired of. His house was attacked on the same night (Sunday last); and it is added, that he made a gallant resistance, and repulsed his assailants, not withstanding his having, early in the contest, received his wound. [Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser – Monday 03 December 1821]

Ireland.—ln our preceeding columns we have given continued narrative of the horrible disturbances in Ireland. We have to add to the melancholy recital another instance of barbarity, contained in a Dublin paper of Wednesday : —”Accounts continue to be received Dublin, almo6t. hourly, of new atrocities. Letters have reached to-day, from the neighbourhood of Newmarket, in the county of Cork, announcing the assassination of a most respectable gentleman, Captain Waters of that place. This murder was perpetrated by a band of ferocious monsters. Sunday evening. The particulars cannot be fully known until to-morrow.”— It also reported, that Mr. Wallace, late High Sheriff of the county of Cork, has shared the same fate at Drishane castle. Among other reported outrages the burning of a church to the ground in the County Kerry is mentioned. What a frighful picture of human depravity. [Chester Courant – Tuesday 04 December 1821]

The Dublin Papers since our last, gave account of another horrible murder on the body of Captain Waters, who resided in the vicinity of Newmarket, and of an attack upon Captain Wallace, of Drishane Castle, who made a spirited and successful resistance. An attempt had likewise been made to assassinate a gentleman near Roscommon, he was returning home on horseback, but the ruffians finding that was not their intended victim, they suffered him to depart. [Hull Advertiser and Exchange Gazette – Friday 07 December 1821]


(move to another article somwhere?)

On Thursday evening, William Preston White, Esq. of whose active services as a Magistrate we gave another efficient instance in our last, returned to this City, with the prisoners had taken on that occasion, whom he safely lodged the County Oaol, on the charge Whiteboyism, under the committal of Henry Wallis, Esq. of Drishane, who had zealously assisted in their arrest. The following are the names of the prisoners:— • Charles M‘Carthy, Denis M‘Carthy, Timothy Mac Auliffe, John Mac Auliffe, Daniel Shea, jun., Cornelius Shea, John Drum, Daniel Keeffe, Daniel Shea, senior, Jeremiah Shea, Garrett Cotter, J. Leary, William Geary, and Michael Brien.
Mr. White also escorted, on a similar charge, Cornelius Sullivan and Cornelius Herlihy, under the warrant of Hubert Hedges Eyre, Esq. Wednesday night the haggart of Mr. H. Huberts, of Snugburough, in the neighbourhood of Innishannon, was maliciously set tire, which six stacks wheat were entirely consumed. [Saunders’s News-Letter – Tuesday 22 January 1822]

William P. White, Esq. having received information, late on Friday night last, against a number persons concerned in the above horrid murder, proceeded the next morning to Millstreet, and with the assistance Sir Hugh Gough, K. C. B. Colonel of the regiment, and William Wallis, Esq. of Drishane Castle, and a party the military, they marched from Millstreet at 12 o’clock on Saturday night, to the Parish Kilcummer, (about half way between Millstreet and Killarney,) where they succeeded in apprehending eight men, one whom has given important information to Mr. White. [Saunders’s News-Letter – Thursday 14 February 1822]

Wm P White, examined — Remembers the 5th January ; was out to take prisoners, against whom he had information, when he met this party between Millstreet and Kanturk: Captain Wallis and Capt. Darcy, and 20 the 22d regiment, started from Drishane Castle about 11 o’clock, and remained out until four in the morning; took 14 prisoners, among whom were the two in the dock, and Breen, about four miles from Drishane, to the north of Millstreet. they were on two horses; Breen had a musket without a lock, and Cotter had a pistol. The prisoners offered no defence. [Belfast Commercial Chronicle – Monday 25 February 1822]
(i think cotter was deported to tasmania later – TODO find the article on cotter)


[Ancestry – RobyneWalkerNZ]


TODO: Connections between the Wallis and Smyth families from the early 1700s. Manuscript in the national archives
II.i.3.a. Legal costs of Richard Smyth [1706-1768],
Includes cost of Richard Smyth’s fine and recovery of part of his estate in Co. Limerick, 8 February 1729 and legal costs owed to Henry Wallis in case against White, 1749-1753.

The following are the principal Nobility and Gentry, through whose several Estates in this County the contemplated Rail Road will run Mr. Wallis, Drishane Castle, Augustus Yeilding, the M’Carthy Family, Mr. Cronin, the Park, the Herbert Family, Earl Kenmare, Lord Headley, the Bland Family, Mr. Hurly, the Representatives of Mr. Bernard, Rev. Denis Mahony, Sir John Godfrey, the Mullins Family, Judge Day, M’Gillycuddy, Lord Headley, Dlennerhassett Family, Marquis Lansdowne, O’Connell Family, Trinity College Lands. [Kerry Evening Post. – Wednesday 28 October 1835]
Did the wallis lands extend into kerry???

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