Lineage of the Wallis Family of Drishane

Wallis Family of Drishane

(from their roots in Cork/Waterford
in the 16th century to present)

In 1595, THOMAS WALLYS resided at Curryglass. Co. Cork ; he died before 1630, leaving a widow and two sons. The elder son,

THOMAS WALLYS, of Curryglass, left at his decease two sons,

  • THOMAS, of Curryglass, of whom hereafter (see below)
  • Peter, of Shangary, Co. Cork, living 1630, High Sheriff 1660, had a large grant of land under the Act of Settlement,
    Married Audrey, daughter of Barachias Baker, of Carrigrohan, Co. Cork, and d. 1679, leaving by her (who d. 1685) four daus. (viz., i.

    1. Margaret, m. Col. Edward Corker, of Ballymaloe, co. Cork, and d.s.p. 17 July, 1721 ;
    2. Katherine, m. 1679, Ebenezer Low, and d. 8 July, 1697 ;
    3. Mehetabel, m. Francis Foulke, and d. 1 July, 1703 ;
    4. Mary, m. Benjamin Glascott, of New Ross, who d. 6 Oct. 1723
    5. John, of Carrigrohan, J.P., whose dau. and heir,
      1. Mary, m. Charles Gookin.
    6. Barachias, of Ballycrenan, m. 1688, Ellen Cross, of Ballybrazil, co. Wexford, and d. intestate (adm. 7 July, 1711) leaving two daus. and a son:
      1. Susan, m. William Corker, of Kilbrenan, co. Cork ;
      2. Eleanor, m. Jan. 1730, Sylvester Cross, of Passage co. Cork, who d. 1767),
      3. William, of Ballycrenan, m. Clotilda, dau. of Thomas Uniacke, of Woodhouse, co. Waterford, and had
        1. Barachias, of Ballycrenan, m. 1763, Anne, dau. of Emanuel Pigott, and d.s.p. Jan. 1765.
        2. Helena, m. John Colthurst. […]
        3. Clotilda, m. 24 Sept. 1771, Sir Edward Hoare, 2nd bart.. of Annabella, and d. 3 Sept. 1816, leaving issue (see BURKES Peerage).

==== ====

The eldest son, THOMAS WALLIS, of Curryglass, mentioned in will of his uncle Peter, 1630, party to a deed in 1640, had issue,

  • Boyle, b. 1644.
  • THOMAS, of Curryglass, of whom hereafter.
  • HENRY, (1654 – 1739) of Drishane, co. Cork, m. Penelope, dau. of John Nettles, of Toureen, and left,
    1. Thomas, d.s.p.
    2. Henry, (1697 – ) ; d.s.p. 1749.
    3. John, of Reddy, called to the Bar 1754, High Sheriff of Cork 1772 ; d.s.p. 1787.
    4. Mary, m. George Jackson, of Grangebeg, co. Cork.
    5. Elizabeth (1708 – ), m. George Wallis, of Curryglas.

==== – ====

The eldest surviving son, THOMAS WALLIS, of Curryglass.
Married first, 1679, Jane Ludyman, and by her had issue:

  • Thomas, died unmarried.
  • Grace, died unmarried.

Mr. Wallis had in the time of JAMES II to fly to England with his wife and two children.
He married secondly, Persis (1685-), daughter of Holmes, and had issue:

  • Anne, m. Thomas Moore, of Gregg, co. Cork ;
  • Elizabeth, m. Samuel Meade;
  • Arabella, m. Michael Webber; and had issue Thomas (1749-), and Mary,
  • Jane, m. Digby Cooke
  • GEORGE, his heir (see below)
  • Thomas.
  • Persis

Mr. Wallis purchased considerable landed property in the Co. of Cork, in 1703, from the trustees of Forfeited Estates.

==== – ====

GEORGE WALLIS (1708 – 1747), of Curryglass.
Married in 1721, his first cousin, Elizabeth Wallis, daughter of Henry Wallis, of Drishane, and had issue:

  • HENRY, his heir (see below)
  • Penelope (1726 – 18 June 1796), m. John Parker, of Cherrymount, Co. Waterford; and had issue
    1. John Robert (1756–1842),
    2. Anne (Saunders) (–1808),
    3. Elizabeth Parker
  • George (1737- 28 Dec 1821), d.s.p.
  • Elizabeth (1738 – ), m. Samuel Adams; and had issue:
    1. Samuel Wallis Adams

==== – ====

HENRY WALLIS, (1723 – ) of Curryglass and Drishane, under the limitations in the will of his maternal grandfather, Henry Wallis, became entitled to the Drishane and other estates;

He married 1758, Elizabeth, daughter of Christmas Paul, of Paulville, Co. Carlow, by Ellen his wife, daughter of Robert Carew, of Ballynamona, Co. Waterford, and had four sons and two daughters:

  • JOHN, his heir (see below),
  • Christmas Paul (Rev.), B.A., married first, Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. James Stopford, Fellow Trinity College Dublin, and sister of Edward Stopford, Bishop of Meath, and had three sons and six daughters.,
    1. John, an Officer 52nd Regt., d. unm.
    2. Henry, an Officer 52nd Regt., d.s.p.
    3. James, d.s.p.
    4. Elizabeth, d. unm.
    5. Catherine.
    6. Penelope, m. Rev. Digby Joseph Stopford Ram, and had issue (see RAM of Clonattin).
    7. Ellen, married 17 July 1817 William Lombard, of Danesfort, co. Cork, son of the Rev. Edmond Lombard, of Lombardstown, Co. Cork. William died without children 12 March, 1831, and was buried at Kilshannig. His will, dated 1 Feb., 1827, was proved on 21 April, 1841. His widow Ellen, who resided at Hawthorn, near Mallow, was buried at Kilshannig on 15th Sept., 1850.
  • Rev. Christmas Paul married secondly, Hannah Fitzgerald, and had further issue,
    1. George.
    2. Thomas, Barrister-at-Law, m. Miss MacDermot, and had a dau.,
      1. Anne.
    3. Christmas Paul, Rev. (1823-1866) m. Blessing (1831- 23 April, 1910), dau. of Thomas Browning Gardner, of Youghal, Co. Cork, and had, [TODO]
      1. Christmas Paul, d. unm. (1860-1880)
      2. Thomas Henry Gardner, (1865-1928)
      3. Christiana Augustus (1856-)
      4. Georgina Blessing (1856-1878)
      5. Frances Maud “Fanny” (1858-)
      6. Penelope Croker. (1860-1930)
      7. Anne, d. unm.
  • Thomas, m. Miss Cooke, and had issue,
    1. Harry, an Officer 52nd Foot, m. Miss Justice, and had three daus.,
      1. Mary Eliza, married Thomas Hennessy Crofts (Solicitor) in Cork  1868
      2. Ellen, m. John Moriarty, M.D.
      3. Dora, d. unm.
    2. John Cooke, of Minehill, co. Cork, m. 1.846, Elizabeth, dau. of Major Beresford Gahan, 4th Dragoon Guards, and had, with others who died young, issue,
      1. Thomas Henry, b. 1847 ; d. 1886.
      2. Beresford Gahan, Supt. Engineer, Indian P.W. Dept. ; b. 1849 ; m. 1882, Harriet Florence, dau. of Alfred Gahan, of Cavan, and has issue, Beresford Herbert, b. 1888.
      3. John Cooke, Capt. Imperial Lt. Horse, S. Africa, b. 1854. (i) Elizabeth.
    3. 1. Rebecca, m. H. Sherlock.
    4. Elizabeth, d. unm.
    5. Mary, m. ] . E. Herrick.
    6. Ellen, m. the Rev. A. Sergeant, of Waterford.
  • 4. Harry, m. Helen, and dau. of James MCall, of Braehead, co. Lanark, and had three sons and seven daughters:
    1. Harry, drowned;
    2. James and
    3. John, d.s.p. ; and seven daus. of whom the eldest,
      1. Sarah, m. William Smith, of Carbeth Gutherie ; and the sth, Margaret, m. George Dennistoun.
      2. Ellen (-1842), m. Charles Bolton, of Curraghduff, co. Waterford.
      3. Elizabeth (- 16 April 1836), m. Sir Joshua Christmas Paul, 2nd bart., xf Ballyglan, co. Waterford, and d.s.p..

==== ?-1810 ====

JOHN WALLIS, (1759 – 1810) of Drishane Castle.

Married first, Patience, eldest dau. of John Longfield, of Longueville, Co. Cork, and by her had one dau.,

  • Patience, m. James Hanning (1780-), of Kilcrone, Cloyne Co. Cork. […]

He married secondly, Sept. 1787, Marianne, daughter of John Carleton, of Woodside, Co. Cork, and by her had issue,

  • HENRY, his heir (see below)
  • Marianne (Mary Anne?), (1795 – 4 Jun 1876) married Lieut. Simon Newport, (39th Regiment) J.P., (1788-1867) only son of Sir Simon Newport, of John’s Hill Villa, Waterford, and had:
    1. John Wallis Newport (1830–1877)
    2. Marianne Elizabeth Paul Newport (1831–1891)
    3. Jane Penelope Newport (1834–1919)
    4. Henry Bolton Newport (1837–1900)
    5. Simon George Newport (–1860)
  • Penelope (1797-), m. Samuel Adams, of Kilbree, co. Cork, J.P., (her first cousin, son of Wallis Adams) and had issue,
    1. Elizabeth Paul Adams (–1910), married William Anderson (1812–1904) and had:
      1. Penelope Anne Anderson (1861–1861)
      2. Wilhelmina Elizabeth Anderson (1864–)
      3. Joshua Alexander Anderson Rev (1867–1947)
      4. William James Anderson (1869–1915)
      5. Susanna Margaret Anderson (–1868)
    2. Samuel Adams
    3. Georgina Adams (–1896)
    4. Frances Adams
    5. Wallis Adams
    6. Michael Goold Adams
    7. John Carleton Adams
    8. Marianne Caroline, m. 8 Oct. 1844, John Allin, of Monabeg, nephew of Gen. Sir Thomas Kenah, K.C.B.
  • Elizabeth (1802-), married  the Rev. Charles Morgan (Rector of Drishane). “The Rev. J. C, Morgan, nephew to the Lord Bishop of Cloyne, and Vicar of Drishane, Elizabeth, third daughter of the late John Wallis, Esq. of Westwood, County Cork  [Bristol Mirror – Saturday 18 May 1822]”
    1. Charles Henry Mongan (1822–)
    2. John Mongan (1823–)
    3. Selina Sophia Mongan (1824–)
    4. Marianne Charlotte Mongan (1826–1912), married Rev Francis Verschoyle Young (1818-1891, Curate of Drishane), and had:
      1.  George Francis Young (1854–1885)
      2. George P Young (1855–)
      3. John Wallis Lombard Young (1855–1936)
      4. Francis Verschoyle “Barney” Young (1857–1930)
      5. Mary Elizabeth Jane Young (1859–1944)
      6. Bryanna Thomasina “Nancy” Young (1861–1920)
      7. Thomas William Herbert Young (1863–1944)
      8. Charles Warburton Young (1865–1932)
      9. Ainslie Lunham Young (1868–1938)
    5. Caroline Jane Mongan (1835–), married William Alfred Carpenter

==== 1810-1862 ====

HENRY WALLIS, (1790 – 6 Jan. 1862) of Drishane Castle, Co. Cork, J.P, and D.L. High Sheriff. 1814, Lieut.-Col. South Cork Rifles,
Married 1st, Charlotte Forster (–1816), by whom he had

  • one son, deceased

Married secondly, 26 Dec 1827, Ellen, daughter of Grice Smyth, of Ballynatray, Co. Waterford, and sister of the Princess of Capua, and of Lady Dinorben  and had:

  • JOHN RICHARD SMYTH, (5th June 1827 – 27 Oct 1868) of Drishane Castle (see below)
  • Mary Gertrude, (Apr 1829 – 5 May, 1857) died unmarried.

==== 1862-1868 ====

JOHN RICHARD SMYTH WALLIS, (5 June 1828 – 27 Oct 1868) of Drishane Castle, J.P., High Sheriff, 1857, Capt. 4th Dragoon Guards;

Married 31st August 1853, Octavia Willoughby, and by her (who m. 2ndly, 4 April, 1872, Sir G. H. Beaumont, gth bart., of Cole Orton Hall, Co. Leicester, and d. 17 June, 1901) had:

  • Digby Henry Willoughby, (2 June 1854 – 18 July 1858) buried 31st Jul 1858 in Drishane Parish Cemery.
  • HENRY AUBREY BEAUMONT, now of Drishane Castle (see below).
  • Eva Octavia Augusta, (b. 5 Jun 1859 in Drishane – 28 March 1860)
  • Eva Violet Amelia Gwen Willoughby, (24 Dec 1868 – 16 Jan 1929)
    Married 29 June 1888 in Brentford, Maj. Edgar St. John Christophers, D.S.O. (1861-1924). Divorced 21st March 1906, and had issue.

    1. Violet Dorothy Agnes Christophers, Lady (Dorothy) (1889–1970), married George Malcolm Hilbery Sir (1883–1965)
    2. Digby Richard Nugent Christophers (1890–),  married Kathleen Griggs (1895–)


==== 1868-1908 ====

HENRY AUBREY BEAUMONT WALLIS,  of Drishane Castle, Co. Cork, J.P., and later of Roskrow, Penryn, Cornwall, (4 July, 1861 – 20 Apr 1926);

Married first, 1 March 1883, Elizabeth Caroline, eldest dau. of Hon. Albert Yelverton Bingham, 5th son of the 3rd Lord Clanmorris. From him she obtained a divorce by Act of Parliament 1906. [TODO add link to profile]. They had issue:

  • HENRY DIGBY, late Lieut. Scots Guards (Guards Club), b. 3 June, 1885. d. October 1914 in St. Julien, France in WWI. [TODO: link to his article when published]
  • Audrey Beatrice Jean, 23 Jan. 1888 – 28 Oct 1961;
    Married 5 Jan. 1909, Francis Ivan Oscar Brickmann, 119th Infantry, Indian Army; divorced in 1921; no issue.
    Married Capt. Robert Law, M.C., of Rosnaree, Slane, Co. Meath on June 4th 1921.

    1. Micheal Law, Maj., 1923 – 21 July 1975,  Captain, Scots Guards, Married 12 April 1950, Judith Maurice Hogarth, d. of Maj. John Usher Hogarth [line]
      1. Robert Law, 6th April 1955 – 25th Dec 2004 [obit]. married Aisling Stuart (gg dau of Maude Gonne), daughter Iseult, stepson Emile. [grave]
      2. Georgiana Law, * 1952, Md., Sean Galvin, of Navan, Co. Meath, s. of John Galvin, of Shankill, Co. Dublin. [photo ?]. + Edward, Vanessa
        1. Edward Galvin, m. Alexandra Mackintosh (Edinbrugh), 4 children
          1. Grace Willow 1st Oct 2008
          2. Willow May 4th July 2010
          3. Gus Robert Donald, b. May 19th 2012
          4. Frederick John Onslow, b. 5th Dec 2015
        2. Vanessa Galvin, m Niall Dailly (Edinbrough)…

Aubrey married secondly, n Feb. 1907, Julia Mary Catharine Curteis (1858-1922), widow of Edward Witherden Curteis, Capt. 24 Regiment, an only daughter and heir of Mrs. Wright (see WRIGHT of Moltram Hall, Cheshire).



Listen to Aisling Stuart and her mother Imogen on the radio with Miriam O’Callaghan on Rosnaree House and the Law family:



TODO: follow up Audrey’s 2nd husband: Capt. Robert Law, M.C., of Rosnaree, Slane, Co. Meath, * 1889, + 1971, s. of Michael Augustine Fitzgerald Law, of Beaumont, Drogheda, Co. Meath.

Captain Robert Law (1890-1973). Like his two younger brothers, Robert was educated at Haileybury, a boarding school 20 miles from London, returning to Beamont during the holidays. During the First World War, he served with the Royal Dublin Fusiliers and won a Military Cross. A fearless eccentric, he later went to West Africa where he shot twelve bull elephants but got charged by the thirteenth which left him badly mauled. He later emerged from the jungle with a hoard of ivory, claiming he had survived by eating an exclusive diet of bananas, which fruit he never ate again. He subsequently eloped with Audrey Beatrix Wallis of Drishae Castle, Millstreet, Co. Cork, sold Beamont and settled on the Boyne at Rossnaree, Co. Meath, where members of the Law family still live today.



Lieut. S Newport of the 39th Regiment only son of Sir Simon Newport, of Waterford, to Mary Anne, youngest daughter of the late John Wallis Esq. of Drishane Castle, County of Cork [Bristol Mirror – Saturday 13 July 1822]


[Burke’s Peerage 1898]

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  1. Hi. The Wallis lineage info is fantastic. I found my great great grandfather Rev. Francis Verschoyle Young. His son Thomas William Herbert Young was father of my grandmother, living in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Phyllis Verschoyle (Young) Black. She lived after marriage in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada. Her son, Grant Black moved to Fonthill, Ontario, Canada where I grew up. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    1. Thanks Kerry, that family tree has allowed me to figure out clearly in my head who was who. To be honest I don’t know much about Rev. Francis, other than he was in curate in Drishane (Millstreet) from about 1848 to 1858. If you know about him, i’d love to hear it. I’d also love to hear about his father-in-law, Rev. John Charles Mongan, the rector in the parish during the famine here in the 1840’s, who pleaded with the authorities for aid for the local poor and sick, and gave up his own house for it to become an emergency hospital for the sick and dying.
      The others in the family I was interested in are the Rev. Francis’ sons Major Francis Verschoyle Young, and John William Francis Young who took part in World War I (because I’ve been doing a project on the people from here that took part)
      If you know anything, please contact me at <<email>>

    2. The Rev Francis Verschoyle Young was my great grandfather. I can send you some information given to me by John McDonald Young, sister of Phyllis. He was really into this genealogy and had planned a book on the Young family. Unfortunately much of his writings were lost after his death in 2015? I have a few write ups of our family members but only a little in digital form. Maybe you have already got the stuff that interests you as there is plenty available on various sites. Tim Sandberg has an excellent site, with much provided by John. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

      1. I would be happy to get anything you have. It might duplicate some of my stuff but I prefer to see for sure. My email is goldsparkles

      2. Hello Thanks for comments on the Mongan family. The descendancy from the Bishop of Cloyne’s brother John Mongan MD is of interest to me. John Mongan MD died in an accident in 1803 and it appears three of the doctor’s children were then under guardianship of their uncle the Bishop whose name had been Mongan. They were Frances Susannah later Carpenter Carr, Sophia Caroline later Fairtlough, and John Charles Mongan later Rev JC Mongan.
        Another child or children of the Doctor, may have been brought up in the family of his wife the Alcocks. I would really like to establish some DNA connection between those two sets of children. I have my dna on ancestry. It may go too far back I suppose to try to get matches.I did get a match with a person descended from Rev J C Mongan but it was at 7.4 cMs so not too significant.

          1. Thanks Kerry for this. Yes she is the person who matches me 7.4cMs on ancestry DNA. That is just on the border of chance. Could be unrelated, but it is intriguing. I have other second cousins with ancestry dna tests, who should be equally related to her but they do not show any match to her. Thanks for the reference.

  2. In this entry Elizabeth (1802-), married the Rev. Charles Morgan the Morgan should be Mongan. is someone kindly able to correct it.

    His children are all listed as Mongan. The Bishop Warburton who had been Mongan before he changed his name and religion, also had trouble with editors getting his name correct. His name change to Warburton was announced in London Gazette. May 1792 and recorrected in a later newspaper, as his previous name had been printed as Morgan in the first announcement.

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