Fr Paddy Celebrating Mass at Tubrid

Pictured after a recent mass at Tubrid Well were Fr. Paddy Byrne, Noreen Dennehy, and Mary Reardon. Fr. Paddy was celebrating his 12th anniversary since his return from Nebraska, and he gave a beautiful account of his love  of Tubrid Well.

2 thoughts on “Fr Paddy Celebrating Mass at Tubrid”

  1. Fr Paddy was celebrating his twelfth anniversary following his return from Nebraska. He gave a beautiful account of his love of Tubrid well. He told us what the ‘Well’ was like in his youth: the creaking gate, the nettles and briars around the well. He paid tribute to the people of Millstreet for the work done to ‘Tubrid Well’ over the years, making it the beautiful place that it is.
    We all enjoyed a lovely cup of tea after mass which was a fabulous novelty and the making of lovely Tubrid memories for our children.

  2. Hi Fr. Paddy, Congratulations on being ordained 59 years on the night of your mass in Tubrid and on your 12th anniversary of your homecoming from the missions. Such a wonderful mass and the Teddy Bears picnic afterwards was just so nice; the weather etc added to it all. Happy memories for you in Tubrid as with many of us and such a peaceful place. Roll on your 60th anniversary Fr. Paddy and what a night we will have then. God Bless you always and keep up the great work you are doing.

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