Changes In Millstreet

From Europe and Asia and Africa and places near and far away
They came to the Parish of Millstreet to stay
Nowadays different races of black, white and brown
You are likely to meet in and near Millstreet Town

And a difference to Millstreet with them they did bring
And this in itself is a wonderful thing
Their music, song and dance things refreshening and new
Of multiculturalism the good things are more than a few

The Millstreet of the past was a monocultural place
A Town and Parish of only one race
But time does bring change as the wise one does say
And great changes are happening in Duhallow today

And change for the better good things only add
And for any community cannot be bad
And those who oppose change for the better in their thinking all wrong
Nobody owns any Country since to a Country you belong

All we have to retain are memories of the past
And change is a thing that can happen quite fast
Great change has been happening in Duhallow of late
And any change for the better we ought to celebrate

Many people from Millstreet went to live elsewhere
And took with them their culture to the big World out there
And nowadays some people from the World have come to live in the Town of Millstreet
And the green countryside where the waterways meet.

Changes In Millstreet is by Francis Duggan

7 thoughts on “Changes In Millstreet”

  1. Such RHYMES about Millstreet being multicultural is so great. Being brow-beat about it is so well rammed through our heads. My question who made the money? I am many years gone from the MILLSTREET area but these changes are not as sweet as you are led to believe. I have lived over 60 years with multiculture. WHO MADE THE MONEY FROM THE CHANGE? Sin é an ceist.

    1. This message leaves much to be wondering about. The statements/sentiments have no details about: “Who made the money?” Is there more?

    1. With all due respect Andy, there’s a lot more foreigners here that didn’t come through the asylum process that did. Most are good, some are bad (some you’d love to have kicked out of the country), but integration / language is an issue with all groups.

  2. I read it….all of it. I was wondering why the asylum seekers have to stay so long in these DP centers. Are they not allowed to work? Why does the government take so long to process them and decide their status? Is there a reason? Is there an understandable answer? It seems to me that many of the seekers have been in Ireland for a very, very long time and still their reasons for seeking asylum (?) have not been adjudicated, so to speak. Anybody know why?

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