Ivertec Broadband – Good or Bad?

A few months ago, Ivertec started offering broadband without phone lines  from their transmitter on the top of Clara, offering speed of up to 100Mbps,  with the ability to serve areas that can’t get broadband through their phone line, and maybe even faster than the service in town . We’re wondering if some of the people that signed up for their service can let us know how the Ivertec service is , and what sort of speeds they are getting.
To test the speed, just go to broadbandspeedtest.ie and press the GO button, and please send us the results please, either in a comment below, to <contact@millstreet.ie>, or to our Facebook


Some of the Replies

Marie in Kilmeedy: Download 17.6 / Upload 5.3 / Ping 45ms / Jitter 11ms.
Conor in Cullen: Download 26.6 / Upload 8.9 / Ping 35ms / Jitter 24ms.
Noreen in Lackabawn: DOWNLOAD 30.1Mbps / UPLOAD 5.5Mbps / PING 37ms / JITTER 4ms (8pm)
Trish in Kilmeedy: Download 13.9 Upload 5.4 Ping 39 (10pm)
Liam in Kiskeam: Download 32.8 mbps Upload 5.8 mbps Ping 36ms.
Sinead in Liscahane: Download 23.5 Upload 11.3 Ping 35ms




I’m with Vodafone (landline) in Tanyard getting only 6.9Mb / 0.5Mb / 35ms / 3ms. (11pm). 😤  Broadband cabinet still not upgraded in Tanyard Wood. The one on the Macroom Road was upgraded a few years ago!





7 thoughts on “Ivertec Broadband – Good or Bad?”

  1. We have it in Kilmeedy

    It’s fine not super fast but can do the job fine. Better than any other companies we had

    Download 13.9
    Upload 5.4
    Ping 39

  2. Have it in Kiskeam. Direct line of sight to Clara. Very happy with it.
    Ping 36ms
    Download 32.8 mbps.
    Upload 5.8 mbps.

  3. Liscahane Millstreet
    No complaints fast easy installation
    Good customer service
    Download 23.5
    Upload 11.3
    Ping 35
    Far better than Eircom

  4. Milstreet- Tanyardwood
    Ping 118
    Download: 4mbps

    not very satisfied with download or upload speed at the moment.
    It was okay last year and a couple of days ago i started to get very high ping and low upload and download speeds even when nobody uses the internet at my home 🙁 (thats a big downside for gaming)

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