Millstreet (Drishane) Coursing 1958


Many thanks to Siobhan who sent us a copy of this historic Millstreet Coursing Club meeting card. At the time the club was actually called Drishane Coursing Club and the meeting was held in the Tanyard Meadows, the field where Dairygold is located.

Second Day – Wednesday 15th January
Millstreet (Drishane)
Coursing Meeting
(under ICC Rules)
Official Card – Price 1/-
Tuesday & Wednesday, 14th & 15th January

First Brace is slips at 11am Sharp. Dogs only called ??? is slips and if late disqualified


Second Day – Aubane (?) Stakes, Drishane Stakes, ????? Stakes, ??? Stakes nad ????? Card.
Over the Tanyard meadows by kind permission of P.D. Buckley Esq. nad Daniel Hickey Esq.
President – C. Meaney Esq, MCC
Vice President W. O’Shea Esq.
Chairman – H. Justice Esq
Vice Chairman – E. Kelleher Esq
Hon Vice President – Messrs P.D. Buckley Esq. and D. Hickey Esq.
Gate Stewards – Messrs – D.D. Murphy, Clement Kelleher Esq., Ted Kelleher, James O’Connor, P. Tarrant, Matt O’Sullivan, Sergt. J. O’Connor, and othermembers.
Committee – Messrs. M. McCarthy, P. Casey, N. Healy, J.O’Shea, P.Sheehan, J.Cronin, W.T. Kelleher, C. Duggan, J. Buckley, D. Cashman, T.Meaney, M. Finnegan, T.Corkery, C.J. Kelleher Jr, John O’Connor, Dan O’Keeffe, F.Reen MPSI, J Singleton, M.O’Connor, T. Horgan
Call Steward – Messrs T. Meaney, P.Casey, J.Healy
Sip Stewards – Messrs. J.Cooper, R.R. Justice, P. Coleman
Flag Stewards – Messrs J. Kelly, P.Enright MPSI
ICC Stewards – Messrs. Con Murphy, Dr. Tadg Murphy, Cors Meaney, M.C.C
Judge – K. Laede Esq
Slipper – E.Casey Esq
Hon Treasurer – P.J. Cashman Esq
Hon Sec. Denis Kelleher


At about 350m from back to front, it was of similar length to the Town Park which is used nowadays. [maps]

Back in those days, the Tanyard Meadow was much larger (see the red outline above), and is a part of the Tullig townland. At some stage the stream was on the Drishane side of Dairygold was rerouted to take a straighter and sortter route [Geohive]

2 thoughts on “Millstreet (Drishane) Coursing 1958”

  1. lovely to see the old coursing meeting card & so well preserved. My late dad Jack Cronin was one of the committee

  2. Many thanks for the interesting article on the coursing in Millstreet. Was nice to see my name as well.
    See you all in August. John

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