Key Found on Clara Mountain – Now Collected at Millstreet Post Office

Delighted to report that the Key found on Clara Mountain has now been collected by its thrilled owner who saw our notice on the website.   We thank Margaret and Noreen at the Post Office for sharing the uplifting news.   The original notice:

This key was handed into Millstreet Post Office on this Thursday (30th May 2019) having been found on Clara Mountain.   The Owner of the key may collect it at the Post Office.  We thank Margaret and Noreen for alerting us to the found object.  (S.R.)

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2 thoughts on “Key Found on Clara Mountain – Now Collected at Millstreet Post Office”

  1. Glad to see the key reunited with it’s owner. My husband found it up by the cross when walking on Clara last Thursday.

    1. Sincere thanks to Philip, Joanna for having found the key and for arranging to alert us in trying to find its owner. Great that its owner is now reunited with the key.

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