Launch of Millstreet Vintage Club Charity Truck Run in aid of Air Ambulance Service Sunday at 4pm in Millstreet Town Park

The Launch of The Millstreet Vintage Club Truck Run which is supporting the Irish Community Rapid Response on the provision of an Air Ambulance from Rathcoole will take place on tommorrow Sunday June 2nd in Millstreet Town Park,the Truck Run itself will take place on Sunday July 28th. 

Those interested in the Air Ambulance and its Service can get a view of the AW109 helicopter in Millstreet Town Park on Sunday at 4pm.

Irish Community Rapid Response (ICRR) founder John Kearney has been striving for a decade to launch a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) in Ireland.

When in operation, the helicopter will be within 20 minutes’ flying distance of a large swathe of the south of the country, from Kerry to Wexford, covering much of the area.

The air ambulance is expected to respond to up to 500 calls per year, and bring most of the population of a 15,000-square-kilometre area within 20 minutes of critical medical care over seven days a week.

It will be critical in getting emergency cases from inaccessible locations to hospitals.
So why not come along to Millstreet Town Park on Sunday June 2nd at 4pm to see at first hand what this unique Service is all about,Everybody is very welcome to attend.

If you wish to do so you can now Donate to the ICRR Air Ambulance with  the Instructions stated below.

IBAN: IE24MATN99221206094207


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