Missing Enzo

Enzo, 3 year old all black neutered male cat missing from near Kilcorney Mallow since April 13th. Family is heartbroken we have done all we can to find him but without knowing what happened we need to keep searching. Contact 0868433990.

2 thoughts on “Missing Enzo”

  1. Hi, just wondering if Enzo has returned home. A black cat has been visiting me every night since April for food. I have been looking up lost cats and saw your cat is missing from near Mallow since 13th April. I passed through Mallow town on that day and stopped off at a service station for half an hour. Is Kilcorney near Mallow town or is it possible that Enzo might have travelled in an engine to Mallow and then got under my engine to Clonmel? I know it’s a long shot but not impossible. I have photos of my visiting cat if the owner would like to see them.

    1. Hello I would love to see pics of cat please in clonmel. Very long shot but can’t not follow any lead or kind people helping out. Thank you. My Enzo has a bump in his nose when u look from the side. My email is <email>

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