Celebrating Julia’s 105th Birthday at Millstreet Day Care Centre

On Wednesday, 17th April 2019 there was a truly special occasion at Millstreet Day Care Centre when Coordinator Mary Feeley and her wonderfully dedicated Staff organised a superb Party with music by Guest Tommy celebrating the inspiring 105th Birthday of Julia Mary Murphy of Toorbonia and also marking the fact that David Barrett as well as Matthew Broe have been residents of twenty years at MDCC.  On the occasion Julia not only sang “A Mother’s Love is a Blessing” but danced and recalled memories.   On Cork Music Station this Tuesday at 10pm on “Radio Treasures” we listen to Julia’s song and hear her memories.  Here we share a selection of some 22 images recalling the recent most enjoyable event.  Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Julia’s 105th Birthday at Millstreet Day Care Centre”

  1. Millstreet’s oldest living person Julia Mary Murphy is one hundred and five
    Fit and healthy and sprightly and so much alive
    She is one who has so many stories to tell
    Of her good times in life and her hard times as well

    In Toorbonia by the hills where she lived for years Julia was loved and known
    But in Millstreet Town nowadays they claim her for their own
    Still young in her ways though in human years old
    Her amazing life story deserves to be told

    Her son Donal in his seventies is not young one can say
    Physically he is one who has known of a better day
    And his amazing mother remains healthy and strong
    To a very rare long lived breed she is one who belong

    A kind and caring woman with the great gift of faith
    For Julia Mary Murphy heaven has to wait
    All of those she went to school with among the forever gone
    But Julia Mary young at heart in life keeps on living on

    There will not be one like her in Toorbonia again
    At one hundred and five her great love of life she retain
    Today a legendary figure in old Millstreet Town
    And in Duhallow she has staked her claim to renown.

    The Amazing Julia Mary – Poem by Francis Duggan

  2. God bless that wonderful lady
    Reaching 105th
    Birthay and bless the fantastic people that take care of her.
    Betty from Portarlington Co Laois.XX

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