David and Katie on the Late Late Show

In November 2015, David Nolan from Kilcorney, and his girlfriend Katie survived the terror attack at the Bataclan theatre in Paris which claimed the lives of 90 people. A month later David proposed, and the couple went on to welcome a beautiful daughter in to their lives in 2016. Last December, they received news that no parent wants to hear, and the couple joined Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show to discuss their daughter’s life changing diagnosis. See the full interview on the RTÉ Player. Below is a shorter clip from the interview:

1 thought on “David and Katie on the Late Late Show”

  1. What an amazing couple!!!!! and to think they have another mountain to climb. I have climbed many but no one this high TG. May God bless and keep them going. The poem ” Dont Quit ” is on my wall and it should be recited to these two amazing people. Try to stay strong and all we can give is our thoughts and prayers.

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