Two Sides of the Snow

Each of us have a different view on this cold weather. For some like those playing in the snow above (also see tire tubing video below) it is all good fun, while for others like this fox which was captured at Coole this morning, snow is just another thing to make survival more difficult, and for her it can become a matter of life and death.

There’s lots of people struggling out there at the moment. Lots of the roads are impassable because the council have done nothing to the back roads and they are now sheets of ice. People just can’t get to work or even step outside their houses at the moment for fear of falling and hurting ones self. So stick together and keep an eye out for your neighbours because you never know when they need you.

2010-12-19 Tire Tubing back the Clara Road. Be careful!!!!!

With thanks to John M for the photo of the fox

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