Johnny Hickey Memorial Spring Car Run on Tommorrow Sunday March 24th

Millstreet Vintage Club Johnny Hickey Memorial Spring Car Run on Tommorrow  Sunday March 24th next,Johnny was a Founding Member and former Chairman of Millstreet Vintage Club and was a highly Respected Person both in the Club and beyond so its a pleasure for Millstreet Vintage Club to be holding the Inaugural Johnny Hickey Run,The Millstreet Pipe Band will lead off the Run from the Square in Millstreet and this will be very appropriate as Johnny was a very active and Enthusiastic Member of the Pipe Band,a Nice Scenic Route has been laid on with Sign on at the Wallis Arms Hotel from 10.30 am and take off at 12 Noon,Johnny Hickey Memorial Cup up for grabs for Best Car on the day,we will be returning back to Millstreet for the conclusion of the Run with Dinner at the Wallis Arms Hotel for more details Call Bernard on 087 7924406, Willie on 087 2229874 or Denis on 087 2033350.

5 thoughts on “Johnny Hickey Memorial Spring Car Run on Tommorrow Sunday March 24th”

  1. It was wonderful to see Margaret Corkery Moynihan, I went to secondary school with her in the 50’s
    She is looking wonderful, a beautiful lady, from Maureen O’Connor McDermott from Darien, Illinois

    1. Mary Maureen – Margaret’s musical presentation at Millstreet Gramophone Circle on Fri. 15th March 2019 was a wonderful success where extra seats had to be provided such was Margaret’s ever popular musical programme. One of the memorable songs played was a special recording of “After the Ball was over” sung by Ann Cronin of Macroom. Sincere thanks for sharing your message on our Millstreet website…and we are also glad to note that you are a regular visitor to our website.

  2. I love to read all the articles about Millstreet and the surrounding areas thank you for replying to me

  3. Maureen … wonderful to have the contact with you and great to have a little chat. I met Orma Shaughnessy O’Keeffe recently and I spoke of our contact. Hope you are keeping well and thanks again for your very kind message. Margaret

    1. It’s great that we are still alive I remember fondly Margaret the small number of us who did the Leaving Cert
      Glad you are doing well love Maureen

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