“Radio Treasures” on Cork Music Station Tonight 9:30 to 11:00

Tonight’s “Radio Treasures” is very much on a Christmas theme and we also chat about the images illustrated below (S.R.) :

Our 10pm interview tonight on Cork Music Station is with a wonderful American Visitor who called to Millstreet Museum on 30th Oct. 2018.  William Sullivan recently shared the following much appreciated message on the Millstreet website:

“I recently visited Millstreet in October in quest of more information about my ancestors. I want to thank the people of the Millstreet Heritage Centre for their wonderful hospitality to me and my family. In particular to Seán Radley and his co-workers at the Centre. I was fortunate enough to have a great aunt, Julia Sullivan Brennan who wrote poetry about her experiences on a trip to Ireland circa 1900. Her poetry was published in 1910 and I was able to secure several original copies of the her book of poetry from internet searches. One of her poems, “Over Home” is about her returning to Millstreet to the Church where her ancestors worshiped. She also mentions visiting their graves in the church yard. Because of her book I was able to visit the take some of my family to the grave yard at St. Patrick’s and visit that same grave yard. My three greats grandfather and grandmother whose names were Timothy O’Sullivan and Annorah O’ Leary, I believe are buried at St. Patrick’s in Millstreet. The wonderful thing for me and my family was attending Mass at St. Patrick’s on All Souls Day, 2018 and praying for the deceased and asking for their intercessional prayers.

If anyone can help me find more information about my ancestors I would be very grateful. My two greats grandparents emigrated to Michigan around 1850. Their names were Daniel Peter Sullivan and Julia Cronin.

For a little tidbit of information about the spread of the Millstreet Irish
in America, I have 48 grandchildren and 11 greats.

William Patrick Sullivan, Aurora, Colorado, USA.”


In the photo above by the Christmas Tree in the Square, (about 1978): Brendan Murphy, John ‘Sing’ O’Sullivan, The General, __ Murphy, Bill O’Sullivan

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