Eily’s Report – 6th November

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my report.

The only thing that’s  worse than a pub with no beer is a pub without customers, and that’s what was  like here at the weekend following the further restrictions on the drink driving ban. Hard working honest people in need of a little enjoyment and relaxation at the weekends, are now deprived of meeting up with friends and enjoying some well deserved break.  More and more people who live alone condemned to solitary confinement because they cant get out to meet their friends. OK for those to make the rules from their homes in Dublin with every kind of public transport on his doostep. They should be dragged down the country and forced to live in remotest rural Ireland for at least a year.Then they might pay heed to what the Healy Rays are trying to say and do.  Mark my words there will be a further upsurge in the number of people suffering from depression, and even  committing suicide. I had to get that off my chest.


But it shouldn’t stop there, people should rise up against it, fight to get something back ,for instance free rural  door to door transport for a start. I’m really worried about what it will lead to if something isn’t done to compensate our country for this great injustice. I have to leave it there.


The Aubane social Club held their first fundraising Tea Dance on Sunday afternoon and it was a great success.  The funds go to the upkeep of their Community Centre. They plan to host another in the Spring.

The SelfBuild Exhibition will be held at the Green Glens this weekend Nov 10/11.   All you need for your home and garden under one roof, in the great Arena.


A representative from the Irish Community Rapid Responce paid a visit to Millstreet at the weekend, with the view of fundraising for the Country’s first Air Ambulance and Rapid Responce unit ,which will be based in Rathcoole. After Christmas a public meeting will be held and speakers will give information on this wonderful development on our doorstep.


More on the subject will be published as soon as it comes to hand.


A great night is assured at our Community School this Friday night, The annual Trad For Trocaire, comprising of Traditional Music, Song and Dance will be held at the school library and light refreshments will be served. Admission is free and there will be a collection box in support of Trocaire. Please support it well.


The people of Cullen want to thank all those who supported their church gate collection in aid of the Cullen Heart/Defibrillator fund, which amounted to €481.


Stokes Solicitors will host a seminar on making a will ,and tips and traps associated with it. To be held at the Wallis Arms Hotel on tomorrow Wednesday night, November 7.  Starting at 7.30.and all are welcome.


Ring IRD Duhallow, 029 60633, for details of their SkillNet, which offers a variety of crafts and courses in the run up to Christmas.


Kick Boxing at the GAA Hall on Wednesday,  contact 0874619210.


Jive Course at the same venue starting November 13th  for four weeks 8.15pm to 9.45pm ,no partner needed.


Many congratulations to Eveyln at our lovely Flower Shop on winning the Best Frontage Award in the Tidy Towns Competition.


The Red Cross Therapeutic hand care team wish to thank all those who supported their recent coffee morning which amounted to €600. It  will help this group to continue their very worthwhile service.


About 45 days to Christmas, and its not too soon to remind you to support your own town. Shop at home to make sure that our stores and services will be still open by next Christmas. Our Shops are always full of lovely things to give, And to make life easy, you can buy vouchers from every store and service and the Post Office. Please help our p/o by buying stamps in bulk and post on time to avoid pressure at the end.


November ceremonies in Millstreet this weekend include Mass for all those who passed away during the year.  Iit will be said in Millstreet on Saturday November 10 at 6.30   and the blessing of graves will be held next day Sunday  In the Church yard after 11.30 Mass, at St, Marys 12.45, and Drishane 1pm.


Please be reminded that an Indulgence for the Holy Souls can be gained by those who visit a Graveyard and pray  there for the Holy Souls.


Here are the results of this week’s Lotto Draw which was held at Corkerys Bar on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were 4,15,16,30 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Helena c/o McCarthys Bar and they got €50 sellers prize, €50 went to Noreen Lehane Knocknagree, €20 each to Val and Pat O’Connor, Woodland Drive, Ciara McAuliffe Dernagree, Donal Cronin, Knocknakilla, Sharon and Lucky, Priests Cross, Lisa OCallaghan, Drishane View, Sadbbh Kelleher, Macroom, Maria Murphy, Old Coach Rd, and Brian Dineen c/o Tom Carroll.


Jackpot for next week €10,000 the draw at the Mal Passo Bar on Sunday night.


45Drive at the Canon ODonovan Centre every Tued night at 8.30. No partner needed.


Mens Shed, Knitting Club also on Tueday nights,


Community Singers with Marie every Thursday night at the Parish Centre from 7.30 to 9. All welcome.


Eucharistic Adoration in Millstreet Church every Tuesday and Wednesday and in Cullen on Thursdays, Confessions in Millstreet every Saturday from 12.30 to 1.


This is only a snippet of all the groups and classes etc that take place in our parish every week. Please be on the look out for something that you enjoy and help to pass the long winter nights.


Agus sinn a bhfuil a chairde, Slán is beannacht Dé libh go léir.






6 thoughts on “Eily’s Report – 6th November”

  1. Excellent remarks by Eily about the effects of the “drink driving ban.” While having no knowledge of the specifics, I can understand her words about loneliness and isolation experienced by those who cannot hop on a bus, train or taxi to get together with friends and have a few sips over conversation. Yes, the “authorities” should be forced to live the laws they enact before said laws are foisted on the “ordinary” citizens. Vote them out next round!

  2. Why do people need to consume alcohol for a decent night out? Everyone could still ‘go to the pub’ to meet up with friends/ socialize etc but could do so without drinking so much to take them over the limit. There are plenty of alternative drinks available without alcohol.

    I for one am glad that the attitude to drink driving is changing for the better and I never want to relive the night when I got the visit from the Guards to tell me that my best friend in the world had been killed in an accident in which a drunk driver drove into them. Sorry Eily but it is NEVER acceptable to condone drink driving. Even when their is no decent transport then you should only go drinking unless you have a way home that doesn’t involve driving yourself, whether it be a taxi or a non drinking friend or indeed a rural transport system.
    Keep safe everybody


  4. I agree with the whole concept of DUI. Absolutely.
    However, getting together with friends/neighbors is not always about alcohol. It is about connecting and being connected with friends/neighbors. From what I remember growing up in a bar in Millstreet, a patron could spend three hours “nursing” a medium and be completely NOT “under the influence of alcohol.”
    Are any supportive options in place that would address the rural, lonely people who long to be connected in the way that it is unavailable to them because of the latest “whatever?” I am not in tune with the “whatever” that has been put in place. Do you all have UBER in Millstreet?

  5. If you drink don’t drive! … If you drive don’t drink. We’ve heard it millions of times, but some people still don’t get it? … When you get behind the wheel you need to act responsibly. I find some comments on here ‘foolish’ for the want of a better word.

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