Margaret Denahy Roney, born in Cloghoulamore 1885

“Looking for relatives of Margaret Denahy born on July 1, 1885. Father was Denis Denahy. Immigrated to the United States as a child. Margaret was my grandmother. Her mother was Johanna Shea. My grandmother had a sister named Claire. They left Ireland sometime in the 1890’s. Margaret’s obituary said they moved from Millstreet, Cork. If you can connect to and look at the genealogy part and type in her last name Roney. She is listed as Margaret Roney, born in 1885, died in 1979. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Ed Tom Roney” <email>


What we found:

The date of birth are six years too late for Margaret, but comparing it to other instances of the family on ancestry, it is the correct family. no-one seemed to have the proper baptism and birth records.

It turns out that Margaret was a month over a hundred years when she died!

Please see the bottom of this article for the notes on branching out the family to find relatives in this area.

Margaret’s immediately family – Marriage / Birth / Baptism / Death Records

Parents: Marriage of DIONYSIUS (DENIS) DENEHY of ADRAVAL and JOHANNA SHEA of KILLMEDY on 13 February 1877 Parish/Church/Congregation – MILLSTREET
Denis the the son of John Denehy and Margaret Murphy of Curragh
Johanna is the daughter of Tim Shea and Catherine Kenny of Cloundrohid

Brother: Baptism of JOANNES (JOHN) DENNEHY of KILMEADY on 23 December 1877 – Parish/Church/Congregation – MILLSTREET
Birth of JOHN DENAHY in 1878

Margaret: Baptism of MARGARITA (MARGARET) DANNEHY of CLOGHOULA – on 1 July 1879 – Parish/Church/Congregation – MILLSTREET
Birth of MARGARET DENAHY in 1879  on June 13th 1879, to a farmer of Clogholamore
on 16 June 1881
Birth of CATHERINE DENAHY in 1881 of Adrivale – Farm Laboburer
Sister: Baptism of JOHANNA DENNEHY of ADRIVALE – on 23 February 1883 – Parish/Church/Congregation – MILLSTREET
Sister: Baptism of BRIGIDA (BRIDGET) DENNEHY of ADRAVAL – on 16 September 1886 – Parish/Church/Congregation – MILLSTREET


Marriage of Denis Denahy and Johanna Shea in February 1877

Birth of Margaret Dennehy in 1879


The Dennis and Johanna “Hannah” Denahy family arrived in New York on 27 Apr 1891 from Queenstown, Ireland aboard the RMS City of Chester. The children were John, Maggie, Katie, Hannah and Bridget. – [Find a Grave]


Denis M Denahy 1850–1916
Johanna A. “Hannah” Shea (Denahy) 1852–1920

John Joseph Denahy 1877–1950
Margaret Mary “Maggie” Denahy (Roney) 1879–1979
Katherine L. “Katie” Denahy 1881–1908
Hannah “Anne” Denahy  (Arthur) 1883–1956
Bridget Claire Denahy (McDonagh) 1886–1980

Margaret’s Spouse & Children
Samuel Gehue Roney 1881–1956
Samuel George “Sam” Roney Jr. 1915–1997
Maj. John William “Jack” Roney 1918–1968


See this very good family tree here on ancestry






Kilmeedy, Cloghoulamore, and Adrivale are the locations shown in the records (above). Mhey are south of Millstreet, off the road to Macroom, all within a range of a two miles of each other.

In America, the family lived in 824 Barnes St Ward 2, Augusta, GA 30901, USA


Branching out the family & Tracking down relatives.

Note: still in edit

The nearest branch in the family would be from Siblings of Margaret’s parents Denis and Margaret. Only one was found,

Denis’s sister: Marriage of CORNELIUS LEARY of ADRIVAL and MARGARETTA (MARGARET) DENAHY of CURROGH – on 22 February 1867
Margaret’s parents were John Dennehy and Margaret Murphy, the same as Denis above.
Con’s parents were Daniel Leary & Catherine Murphy of Adrivale, matching these details on Penjdnick’s profile on ancestry, which also lists Cornelius’ siblings as:

  • Peter Leary 1841-1910 (Adrivale)
  • Daniel Leary 1843–1927 (Mountain Ash, Wales)

See also: Patrick O’Leary’s ancestry profile, who is a descendant of Peter

Baptism of DANIEL LEARY of CURRAGH on 8 January 1868
Baptism of DANIEL LEARY of CURRA on 29 August 1869 (the first daniel may have died as an infant)
No more children were found

1901 Census: Residents of a house 6 in Curragh (Coomlogane, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Leary Cornelius 75 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic
Leary Margaret 70 Female Wife Roman Catholic
Leary Daniel 33 Male Son Roman Catholic

Marriage of DANIEL LEARY of Curragh and ABIGAIL DINNEEN of Knocknabro on 31 January 1903 in Glenflesk

Birth of MARGARET LEARY on 03 July 1905 to Cornelius Leary and Abigail Dineen of Curragh
Birth of CORNELIUS LEARY on 28 October 1906 in Curragh
Birth of MARY LEARY on 02 May 1908 in Curragh
Birth of ABINA LEARY on 16 May 1909 in Curragh
Birth of DENIS LEARY on 19 April 1914 in Curragh

Death of CORNELIUS LEARY on April 14th 1906, aged 80, in Curragh. Son Daniel with him at passing.
Death of MARGARET LEARY on December 19th 1907, aged 82, in Curragh. widow of Con Leary, son Daniel present at death.

1911 Census: Residents of a house 6 in Curragh (Coomlogane, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Leary Daniel 45 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic
Leary Abina 40 Female Wife Roman Catholic
Leary Margaret 5 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Leary Cornelius 4 Male Son Roman Catholic
Leary Mary 2 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Leary Abina 1 Female Daughter Roman Catholic

Marriage of Thomas Bradley of Droumree, Macroom and Margaret Leary, Curragh on 09 September 1939

TODO: follow up with the Bradleys.

Marriage of Abina Leary, Curragh and Michael Twomey of Kilnamatra on 06 July 1941

We think that Denis Leary (b. 1914 (above)) lived at the house in Curragh [map]. He married (wife’s name?). On of their sons Danny (of McCarthys Electrical Store) still lives there since retiring, and his family live locally also.




  1. John Joseph Denahy 1877–1950 (WWI) – add to list – was he conscripted, or just registered?
  2. follow up on Maj. John William “Jack” Roney 1918–1968 for WWII list

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  1. Hi I’m Margaret o Leary’s grand daughter also Margaret Bradley now living now in Kilmeedy in millstreet if I can help in anyway originally Bradley from Droumree Macroom

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