Looking for someone to potrait Mountcain

Update: Looks like Sarah is sorted. She left this comment on the facebook cross-post for this article: “Thanks everyone for your responses! One wonderful member even went so far as to speak to a local person and find the exact location and to send me pictures! I am overwhelmed and excited”.

Would anyone be able to help Sarah who sent us this request

I am wondering if you know of any artists who paint, photograph  or sketch sights from Knocknagree? My great grandmother came from Mountcain in Knocknagree and I’d love to see an image of the area and perhaps purchase it as a gift for my mother. Thank you for any help you might be able to provide!
Sarah <email>

Mountcain is between Knocknagree and Munster Joinery [Google maps]

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  1. Wonderful! Do you have a website so I could see your work and an idea of your prices? Or you could email me directly at <email>
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Excuse my initial response! I neglected to click on the link that you included, before responding! Your work is beautiful! How much would you charge for a custom piece and do you have an idea of shipping cost to the U.S.?

    1. Do you have a photo of what you wanted painted? If not can you give me the location. Once I know what I need to paint l, I can give you prices for different size canvases. Shipping depends on the size. Thanks Deborah

  3. Hi, I am not sure if my response went through. Do you have a photo of the area you want painted or the name of the location in knocknagree? Once I know what I am painting, I can give you a price for different size canvases and shipping. Thanks again Deborah

  4. The name of the area in Knocknagree is Mountcain. I’ve sadly never been there so I don’t have photographs. Perhaps I could hunt around using Google Earth and send you an idea of what I’m thinking. I’m not sure if that would be high quality /resolution enough for your purposes . Let me know your thoughts.

  5. Hi, can you give me some more details regarding the location. Was your mother born there?. Is there a family home? Tell me what you are invisioning. I would have no problem going to the area and taking a few photos.let me know what you envision in the composition. Thanks Deborah

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