Herlihy’s Centra, West End, Millstreet

Photo shows Paul Herlihy (centre back) with Joanne Dennehy, store manager (second from left) & the Team outside Centra Store in West End, Millstreet.

Herlihy Supermarket Group has acquired a new store in Millstreet Co Cork. The store, formally known as Dennehy’s Centra, West End,  Millstreet,  became part of the Herlihy Group on 3rd December 2010. This Centra store has been providing for the Millstreet community for over twenty five years.

Herlihy Supermarket Group has achieved a number of accolades in 2010 including national finalist in Shelf life retail awards, national finalist in the Centra Off Licence of the year, national finalist of the Group Retail Excellence Awards, national finalist in the Checkout Magazine “Best in Fresh Awards”. The Group’s Mallow store was awarded the best Centra Fresh Food store in Ireland 2010.

While the store will continue to trade as a Centra and provide employment for the 24 strong workforce, Herlihy’s will bring their unique brand and style to the store, focusing particularly on convenience and fresh food.  The Group have on-site kitchens and scratch bakeries, where products are prepared fresh daily from the finest of ingredients.

It is Herlihy’s intention to invest in the store in Millstreet and develop it in line with the rest of the Group.

Two generations of the Herlihy family, who own and manage the Group, have been in the grocery retail trade for over thirty years and employ 230 people.

1 thought on “Herlihy’s Centra, West End, Millstreet”

  1. Last weekend (Nov 3rd) I was passing through Millstreet (on my way home to Beaufort) and I notice that Christmas Decorations are already up and lit on the Centra Supermarket near the Church. This must be the earliest I have ever seen them put up…..continuing on through Killarney there wasnt a sign of Christmas… so it led me to wonder something was wrong in Millstreet?
    Surely the shop management has some bit of intelligence and decency to understand that November 3rd is not anywhere close to Christmas…..

    So why do the poor people of Millstreet have to put up with blatent Christmas-in-your-face at the start of November?

    Cork City turns on its lights on Dec 8th

    Killarney is usually the friday closest to Dec 1st.

    Even the AMERICANS dont put up or turn on Christmas until after Thanksgiving….. (thats the end of November to You and me).

    So does anyone think that the people of Millstreet really will be tired with christmas well before december begins this year……especially in Millstreet.

    Come on Centra…take a break from the need to be always trying for the hard sell……let christmas be for December and a bit of January.

    off with those lights and take them down for a month.

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