Bay City Rollers on “Where the Road Takes Me” on C103 from 7pm to 8pm this Evening

This week it’s an end of Summer special on Where the road takes me, as we
feature the story and music of the Bay City Rollers., one of the most
screamed at teenybopper acts of the 1970’s.

The Bay City Rollers and ‘Rollermania’ became the biggest teen pop
phenomenon of the decade.

On the programme we speak to lead singer Les Mckeown and hear some of the
songs that made them a world-wide hit – songs like Bye Bye baby,
Shang-A-Lang and Remember.

We hear about the sudden death of one of their founder members who passed
away last month….

And we speak to Tricia Tyson, features editor with the Opinion magazine – as
she recalls seeing the Rollers in concert without hearing them, because of
screaming teenyboppers.

Join John Greene at 7 this Sunday evening for an end of summer special with
the Bay City Rollers on Where the road takes me.

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