Smart Store Cooking at O’Keeffe’s Supervalu Millstreet

We thank Mary Louise Ward for the following interesting information regarding Smart Store Cooking.  (S.R.)

Change habits to save money and reduce food waste

Did you know that food waste costs Irish households a whopping €700 each year. A few simple changes to habits could help reduce food waste, saving time and allowing you spend your precious pennies more wisely. To help make some smarter choices, you will find lots of tips and advice in-store at O’Keeffe’s SuperValu as well as on-line from Smart Store Cooking’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Enjoy cooking some delicious healthy recipes from the Smart Store Cooking recipe book which is currently on sale at O’Keeffe’s SuperValu at a special promotional price of €5.00. Easy recipes, using ‘Smart’ ingredients (all indicated in-store as “I’m a Smart Ingredient”), ensure you cook more efficiently with less food waste. Chat with Mary Louise & her team during their visits to O’Keeffes, sample something tasty from the cookbook and discover how you can improve your planning, shopping and cooking habits. Don’t forget to pick up some FREE recipe cards when visiting O’Keeffe’s SuperValu.


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