Annual Collection in Support of Millstreet Museum & Millstreet Website This Coming Weekend 4th & 5th August 2018

Because this annual collection is our only source of funding to maintain our Museum/Tourist Information Centre plus our only way of maintaining our Millstreet Website – we very much appreciate support at our Church gate Collection this coming weekend (4th & 5th August 2018) outside St. Patrick’s Church, Millstreet. We’ve always only held our Collection in Millstreet but if people in the Ballydaly and Cullen areas wish to support our efforts also it would indeed help to further enhance our services. Our main costings at the Museum are for insurance, heating, lighting and limited development. Our Millstreet website costs are for annual subscriptions to our Server and also for the use of our .ie domain name. All those involved in both the Museum and the Website gladly work on a voluntary basis like so many others involved in other local organisations promoting the Community Spirit for which Millstreet has oftentimes been much praised. Thanking you in anticipation of such wonderful continuing support – Seán Radley on behalf of Millstreet Museum Society and the Millstreet Website Team.

Carnegie Hall where Millstreet Museum is located

Previous church gate collections illustrated below: Patrick W. O’Leary of Louisville, Kentucky, USA whose generosity is much appreciated comments: “The Millstreet Website is our excellent window to Millstreet daily life in a very real sense and such a connection is of great important to people worldwide.” Patrick has (as well as others) suggested that an opportunity should be given to people nationally and internationally who may at any time wish to contribute towards the upkeep of these services and to this effect we have arranged to set up an electronic system with the Bank of Ireland here in Millstreet (where our Museum/Website account exists) whereby anyone can transfer a desired donation to the account by just quoting at one’s own Bank our relevant numbers which are: IBAN No.: IE22 BOFI 9058 0334 0531 43 and the BIC No.: BOFIIE2D.   We are most grateful to the many people who have very kindly used this method of support over the past year.  It gives a real opportunity especially to those living abroad to assist us in our efforts to continue the services of Millstreet Museum and Millstreet Community Website.  

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