St. Patrick's Church Restoration Appeal

The St.Patrick’s Church Restoration Committee published a flier at mass on Sunday 22nd August with an appeal for help with the ongoing restoration of the church.

From the middle ages to modern times, from the tiny structure in a remote hamlet to the soaring Cathedral in a great city, the Church has been the focal poing in our lives. It has been the place of a sanctuary for the outlaw, the place of refuge for the troubled and the place of peace for all. It is here we bring our babies to be baptised, where our young people are married and from where our loved ones leave to be buried.

Now in Millstreet, St.Patricks Church needs us.We make this restoration Appeal to those near and far. You may have family members nationwide or abroad who would welcome the chance to contribute. Send this leaflet to them, giving them the opportunity to join with us in ensuring that our church will be handed on the the next generation in good condition and a fitting place or worship.

Above is a selection of what is on the leaflet, which you can see below (front and back) below, and which can be seen in better detail by clicking on the pictures:



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