In New York to meet the Cousins

The Examiner reported on the lucky ‘National Lottery’s Big Money Gameshow’ winners who were whisked away for a six day luxury trip to New York. Among them were Dolores and Michael Webb from Millstreet:

“… Mother- of-three Dolores Webb, 41, from Millstreet, Co Cork, decided shopping was out during her Big Money Gameshow’s six-day trip to the Big Apple. “All I wanted to do was to meet my cousin Anthony Sweeney, who I have never seen but it didn’t work out. He never turned up but his brother John, who I had met 15 years ago in Ireland, did meet me in Times Square. 
My mother, Mary Ann Sweeney, was born in the States but my grandparents returned to Ireland, leaving some of my mother’s older bothers behind in the US.
My mum used to keep in touch with the American side of the family for years. I emailed them to say I was coming to New York and John, 45, was enthusiastic but Anthony, who is 47, didn’t turn up. There were no excuses or reason given. It was very disappointing, it’s all I wanted from this trip,” said Dolores, who was joined on the trip by the youngest of her three children, Michael, 12…”

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  1. Dear Dolores.

    I was just wondering if you are related to me. My grandmother, Margaret Mary Healy, was born in Millstreet. Her mother was Margaret Mary Sweeney. Margaret M. Healy married my grandfather, Simon Kennedy (he was from Limerick) and emigrated to the States in the late 1920’s. We go back to Ireland often, but, not to Millstreet as often as I would like. Three years ago, our whole family (18 of us) descended upon Millstreet for the day. Unfortunately, it was a quick trip and we didn’t get to see any family that time around. On that side of the family, they were all flaming red-heads. My dad has met up with his Healy cousins a number of times in past years. But, I always wondered about our Sweeney side. Let me know what you think. Our whole family lives in the NYC/Nj area.


    Kerry Kennedy

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