Millstreet film maker to jet off to New York Film Academy

BEFORE jetting off to the New York Film Academy, Millstreet film maker Steven O’Riordan will host a special three-night screening of his documentary, ‘The Forgotten Maggies’, this weekend at The Glen Theatre in Banteer.

This searing documentary will be screened on national TV in September but has only been shown in public once before — in Galway during their recent film festival. Since then, however, it has received waves of interest nationally and internationally.

‘The Forgotten Maggies’ tells the stories of Kathleen Legg, Maureen O’Sullivan, Mary King and Mary Collins; four women indelibly marked by Ireland’s Magdalene laundries …

The above is a stub from an article published on Thursday August 13th the Corkman newspaper. The full article can be read here:

Trailer for the film “The Forgotten Maggies”

A two minute slot on the 6pm News on RTE1, Stephen is seen talking from about 1:35 into the video

1 thought on “Millstreet film maker to jet off to New York Film Academy”

  1. Hi,

    I ordered tickets, on line, this am for “no limbs no limits” for myself and my 16 year old son and you can only imagine our disappointment to have travelled into town to see movie, cued for approx 40 minute, to be then told that my son could not be admitted as he is under 18. Nowhere on the JDIFF site or indeed any radio advertisement or bill boards was this festival advertised as over 18. We were given several reasons for festival being over 18, one being that because festival is funded by Jameson it had to be over 18. Having had discussions with several staff members, all of which I must add were very apologetic and polite, it was eventually confirmed that the actual reason for festival being over 18 is a licence/censorship issue. Festival licence permits films containing any content to be shown. Despite the fact that “no limbs no limits” does not contain unsuitable content for children it is governed by overall festival licence.

    Myself and my son had only travelled from Finglas but there were a group of approx 10, who are related to Joanne O Riordan, who had travelled from limerick. A mother and daughter had travelled from Kildare and then there were approx 6 others and I don’t know where they had travelled from. Somebody made a very valid point that Joanne herself will not be 18 until April next. When this was raised we were told that there was an exception made for Joanne. Could a few more exceptions not be made??? What would be the legal implications of a few more under 18’s being admitted??
    Staff commented that they had the same issue last year with other films. This confusion and annoyance could be avoided by clearly advertising festival as over 18 on all advertising and billboards and indeed on the site under every film advertised there should be clear bold print that this film is over 18. In addition, as we were qeueing for approx 40 miinutes on two occasions staff came down the line confirming that we wouldnt be waiting too much longer and at this stage could they not have pointed out to those queing with children that they would not be allowed entry.
    We have been gauranteed a private viewing of this movie outside of festival and I sincerely hope this does materialise.


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