James/Jim Kelleher

Hello there, I am hoping someone in your community could help me with my search on a man named James/Jim Kelleher. I know you probably get these requests all the time and unfortunately I cannot provide a lot of information however I am hoping the details I can provide may jog someones memory in your elderly community. Jim/James Kelleher had ‘red’ hair and would have been born in the late 1800’s. He had a ‘limp’ (possible artificial limb) and used a crutch. May have been a farm hand on a farm over in Bruree in 1934 and did visit Croom on a few occasions around the year 1940. I have been told he may have been a soldier. Unfortunately that is all I can tell you and realise it’s a ‘rough shot’ but this search is important to me for personal reasons and I cannot abandon it. If anyone can help me I would be most grateful.
Thanks and Best Wishes. Helen Barrie

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  1. Hi Helen
    I am also searching for a James Kelleher who was born I think in Kilkenny and settled in co. Tipperary. He was also known as James Cullen/Cullin. I am not sure what he looked like properly as I only have a black & white photo however my James was born in 1893 – not sure of his death. I do know he had at least one son John (My Grandad. He married Norah Giltinane.
    Is this the same James do you think?

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