Doody Family Visit

Our American Friends pictured in Millstreet after 11.30 a.m. Mass on Sunday, 18th July 2010. Please see "Comment" for full comprehensive caption.

Heartfelt welcome to members of the Doody Family from Florida and New York who are on holidays in the Millstreet area at the moment and who have treasured Millstreet roots.

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  1. Pictured L-R

    Patricia (Doody) Emprimo – Gainesville, Fl/Corinth, NY
    Dennis Doody – Mooers, NY/Corinth, NY
    MaryAnne Doody – Mooers, NY
    Debra (Lagasse) Doody – Mooers, NY/Schenectady, NY
    Mathew Doody – Gainesvile, FL/St Augustine, FL
    Robert Emprimo – Gainesville, NY

    Our special thanks to Robert without whom, these journeys would not be half as meaningful. And to the residents of Ireland who’ve tolerated his never ending questions.

  2. message to the Doodys of the US

    hi My name is Tim White (often spelled Whyte in late 19th-early 20th century) – I am the great grandson of Bridget White née Doody circa 1875 and great great grandson of Mary Doody née circa 1851) – any information you have on the family tree or records would be most appreciated

  3. Hi Tim
    I’m a Doody whose family originate from Madeley in Shropshire. Are you from the same brancH?

    The family were predominantly steelworkers and coalminers with family living in Heath Hayes, Cannock and Newport in the general Shropshire area.


    Sharon Martin (nee Doody)

  4. My wife is a descendant of Timothy Doody and Mary Lehane. Agnes Doody along with George and Florence and Betty all hail from Corinth NY by way of Millstreet. We are visiting Ireland in late september 24 and will visit

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