Margaret Presented Superb Programme at Gramophone Circle

On Friday, 23rd March 2018 it was Margaret Moynihan of Killarney Road, Millstreet who presented a truly magnificent selection of songs and music at our Gramophone Circle.   The capacity audience was especially impressed by the 1990s recording of a live concert in Italy which featured the late Luciano Pavarotti and the late Dolores O’Riordan in an exquisite duet of “Ave Maria”.  Here we share two images from the very enjoyable event which shows just a section of the attendance with Margaret holding the CD.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

5 thoughts on “Margaret Presented Superb Programme at Gramophone Circle”

  1. Margare Corkery, we went to the Presentation convent together, we did own a gramophone when I was growing up and believe it or not, I own one out here in Darien, Illinois

    1. Maureen – many thanks for sharing such a special memory. Yes, Margaret presented a superb selection of the songs and music which she most enjoys. In his formal vote of thanks at the end of our March Gramophone Circle, Maurice Linehan made special reference to Margaret’s wonderful skills as a Piano Player when in Millstreet she was our very own Winifred Atwell (world famous hugely popular Piano Player). Una Winifred Atwell was a Trinidadian pianist who enjoyed great popularity in Britain and Australia from the 1950s with a series of boogie-woogie and ragtime hits, selling over 20 million records.

      1. I well remember Margaret Corkery Moynihan playing the piano for us at the Presentation Convent in the 50’s for our Leaving Cert class. She used to play all the modern tunes of the day. I love reading, some wonderful news from home. Maureen (O’Connor) McDermott

  2. Many thanks, Maureen for your comment. Of course I remember our school days and great they were. Brings back lots of memories. Thanks again….Margaret.

    1. I often wonder what happened to the rest of our graduating Leaving class, only seven of us. Hope you and your family are keeping well. Maureen

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