Highlights of Wonderful St. Patrick’s Weekend 2018

What an exciting (and chilly) weekend it’s been when Daniel and Majella were accorded a royal welcome by Eily and the people of Millstreet and beyond (images of this we cannot share at the moment but at a later point permission will hopefully be granted)….when Millstreet Pipe Band performed inside and outside the Church…when Carriganima has its very own Snow Parade (!) with Fr. A. Wickham as its Grand Marshal (organizer Seán Murphy is very grateful for such wonderful support on such a cold day)…when Green Glens hosted a spectacular music event with well over 4,000 young people attending.  Here we share a selection of images from this special weekend.   We shall add lots more later. Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

4 thoughts on “Highlights of Wonderful St. Patrick’s Weekend 2018”

  1. Just wondering were the residents of Drishane Castle involved in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, either as participants or organisers?

  2. I don’t remember seeing any Drishane residents in the parade, but being well back in the crowd you couldn’t see everything. There should have been a few of the children with the underage sports teams which paraded. There were lots of Drishane residents in the crowd, like most of the rest of us.
    I’m pretty sure none were involved in the organising though, that was organised by Millstreet Community Council, of which members of the community are invited to join each year.

    … and before you start, everyone was free and welcomed to join the parade. Not doing so was of their own volition.

    1. Thanks for your response. Just one further question does the annual invitation to join the Millstreet Community Council extend to the Drishane residents.

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